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Richards trying to convince the official at the ball I hit the rim which would necessitated new shot clock because right now Davidson's got eighteen seconds on the shot clock this is a we've got another game to play yes so let's go let's not argue about seventeen seconds right now Sanders bobbles the inbounds pass could not hold it and it's stolen by Gonzaga did matter still like to lose games will officiate it is a physical game but not too physical to the poser than his whole Bolden with a jumper from the left baseline protagonizada worry bout about Boris metal for Davidson how to Richard's trying to rob a whistle and we got a turnover of calming violation against Davidson you can hear the reaction of the Davidson and North Carolina fans alike you the good things that happen when they recently tried to push the frustration for so the ball comes to Gonzaga in the frontcourt balding pendergraft a quick three on the right no good the other vice shot and curry rebounds for Davidson they are down by five left elbow jumper by curry in and out again no good receive news you can get it off the dribble but still they should report to them I don't think they've since had success with Zack at the other end bold uses shoulder the public defender free got a little space on the baseline and drove to the basket forty nine forty two Gonzaga now metal at the head of the key for Davidson slips and write the policy Gosselin two dribbles hands after Richard up top Sander you don't want to shoot from there back down in the corner for curry ray on him right through the hands of metal on the low block looks look what I dropped if you were going to speak to a member of a related to a trouble ticket to the big guy this guy the seals bear guns that go the other way Pargo penetrates izombie fans and a jump stop the left side of the P. and got himself followed by Max Polish Gosling you know a lot of blogs or realize sometimes with a person to a big the big guys holding somebody on his back so we will put the low price you can release the guy you got a hold of the press almost split in half spoken like a big guy he's had people on his back that's you know what birds will guard the guards are before prices with this forward to serve a broad the server because before the pressure of my you have to avoid the man was lying on the back of the receiver so Texas skillful players who do that Margot made the first free throw Davidson three subs as coach Bob McKillop was trying to keep the legs fresh and Jeremy Pargo making two foul shots he has seven points and Gonzaga leads by nine fifty one forty two Richard Davison cuts John Zagros opens up the lead again they'll see the panic well spoilers you indicated you haven't heard of these guys have been in this tournament because actors played in some pretty tough competition little rattle Argo called for his second foul and Jason Richards.

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