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Dave Janet dot com and operation freedom I am very fortunate to have I believe the best I. T. team in the world and it is powered through a company by the name of evolution consulting they're phenomenal the head principal in that is Nick Ruiz who also hosts a show on our platform of the department of advance research show what I do and it means more work for the I. T. team is whenever I produce a you tube they run a linguistics cannot just for documentation not that anything's involved in hate or violence or anything of that nature but we just do it as a check and it takes some time to do that but it it's something that we do just to document to make sure that all teaser crossed and I's are dotted and it just so happens that a couple weeks ago I put out a you tube that were the seven pieces of information that the deep state does not want you to now and I also put and Jeffrey Epstein well that immediately got de monetize in other words it was not viewed by you to that people should be exposed advertiser should have their ads associated with it was there any hate speech in it any violence not a what we talk about we talked about then I encourage you to go to the YouTube channel operation freedom and take a look at the at the you too it's not that long twenty minutes it goes into depth about the seven pieces of information that the state don't want you to know and then I did a brief introduction at the time because it was a couple weeks ago about Jeffrey upstate immediately the monitor so this past week what what I did is I up loaded a and I always record my you two presentations win Monday's up loaded on Mondays for release in my release is always a Tuesday at eight AM that's what time it's published to the general public in a recorded on the last Monday and I uploaded it the title was president trump secret weapon against the deep state and as I upload it it was immediately demonetized M. mediate Lee demonetized now what was it about well it will actually actually we got into how he pulled off his his major diplomatic victory and his walk for freedom in North Korea and you'll have to it's it's on YouTube watch it it it's it's a very interesting perspective one of which I don't know if that you'll get any other place and then I went into the fact of of how the trump administration is taking on the deep state by their prosecution of some we just talked about the last half hour Tracy beans that being Jeffrey Epstein notice upsized name was not on the title this time because my concern was the reason why it was demonetized because in that initial video from from July ninth I mention Jeffrey Epstein and I also not the title but in my view to presentation spoke about intelligence agency several of them MI six CIA and Israeli intelligence moves out and they're a potential affiliation with apps so I left all that out of the title list immediately up loaded it for the N. and guess what immediately demonetized on this is a form of censorship okay because what they're saying is is we're not gonna where you're not gonna get any revenue from this it's a waste your time so don't be talking about this stuff so then my I. T. team said do you for this we scanned it for hate speech we scanned it for violence we scanned it for all the parameters that could limit advertising and it's clean it's absolutely clean so this let's do an experiment okay and what we did is we split the video into that's why there's a part when a pointer part to some people that wanted to split your video this week in a part one part two it was actually experiment censorship and the first part was some entitle president trump secret weapon for peace and this part two was president trump's secret weapon against the deep state now in part two we talk about Jeffrey Epstein intelligence agencies and put a phone that works one we talked about his initiation of the how about the trump doctrine if you will when it comes to tying economic issues to geo political issues which is what the whole China trade thing associated with the North Korea peace initiative is about well initially we put up part one first not released to the public just put it up on our for ready to go the next morning and it was monetized in part to a mediate Lee was de monetize blocked from advertising and that stayed the case that that stayed that that did not change did not change and it became very obvious that if you mention the words Jeffrey up steam if you mention intelligence agencies and I name them and in that part two piece of CIA MI six British intelligence and Israeli Mossad if you mention peta found that we're guess what does it matter what you say they're going to censor you they're gonna Blackie they're going to block the advertising and it's a message to you that Hey if if if you want if if you if you really want this this message to get out you're gonna pay a price for this is a form of censorship and the question is where is the censorship occurring many people have stated that the censorship is throughout the social media platform whether it's Twitter whether it's YouTube whether it's global whether it's Facebook there are other individuals who feel as though that in that it's not universal per se in the platform whether it's YouTube or Facebook or Twitter but there are certain choke points choke points in its at these choke points that individuals that have been pre positioned we'll start censoring what gets out what gets monetized what what goes where in the search engines so as opposed to maybe some other platforms one of the things we do is not only gather information but we have the ability to conduct research and we are in the process of starting that research looking at how content is censored I will keep you apprised over the coming weeks and months of our findings and we will not be bashful about presenting those findings censorship is a huge issue at the deep state has been involved in censorship for many decades and don't let anyone tell you any different you know one of the first censorship operations that was an imp in implemented by the CIA was something called operation mockingbird this is written by actually cara Goldfarb a back in twenty eighteen when she talked about operation mark McKay inside operation mockingbird the CIA's plan to infiltrate the media but what was operation mockingbird she as well it was the alleged a large scale project undertaken by the CIA beginning in the nineteen fifties in which they recruited American journalists into a propaganda network the recruited journalists were put on a pay roll by the CIA and instructed to write fake stories that promoted the views of the intelligence agency student cultural organizations and magazines just as a small example were allegedly funded as fronts for this operation operation mockingbird expanded later on in order to influence foreign media as well it has been said by a number of individuals that that this operation mockingbird was so pervasive in actually so successful that every major newspaper every major TV network every major radio station had people in place to choke points to censor information and not only sensor information but put an alternative view forward that was completely contradictory to reality now I AM I recently was on the X. twenty two report if you go to X. twenty two report spotlight a day from X. twenty two report runs a fantastic platform interviewed me up and it was listed on you too bye yesterday Saturday and we actually got into this and I and I related to an experience I had as far back as nineteen eighty eight yeah I'm an old guy this is thirty one years ago and it was when I first went to DC and it was involved in domestic policy and I was there to talk about healthcare policy it was at the very end of the Reagan administration it was one of the first meetings I had gone to in in DC is a relates to policy and this particular meeting was at the old executive office building which is adjacent to the west wing of the White House it's now part of the call it part of the White House separate building and a number of domestic policy issues were discussed at these meetings and the it was a two day event two day meeting and at the end of the first day went back to my hotel and I turned on the news and at the time rather was I believe on CBS broke on a and B. C. and I'm not sure who was on ABC I think I might even Frank Reynolds or something that night I'm I'm watching the news while I'm in my hotel room and of the evening news and they start talking about something that we spoke about it at the meeting and the it was a hundred and eighty degrees different from reality what was being presented I mean it was it wasn't a shade of gray it was from black to white okay it was a hundred and eighty degrees different it was exactly flipped on its head the issue now watch this thing on it that's that's a wow it's really off can I switch the channel to NBC and they were talking he broke I was talking about something it was another little issue we had discussed at this meeting and that was a hundred and eighty degrees so I switch the channel ABC and I think it was Frank wells talking about another issue that side issue that we had spoken about and that was almost completely off as well I'm thinkin wow whoever does a communications for through the White House is not doing a good job because these folks have everything bass adwords I mean they haven't ugh pretty well completely reversed so why this morning I go back to the second day of the meeting in a beginning of the meeting I raise my hand and I see can I bring something forward of an observation I made last night they're like insure during the day what what do we got I don't want sold last night I watch the evening news and CBS NBC and ABC and on each of the broadcast they spoke about something that we spoke about here but the fact that they delivered to the American public were only different but actually exactly opposite people can look at medical so what we need to contact the communications people and and and tell him that while they made some really big errors and Dave better the kind of better get their act together.

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