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Back the funds online sharise from lancaster california hi sharise high leo how are you well do you talk to your computers out loud pardon me do you ever talk out loud year computers um i yeah i met what do you think of it boy did yeah do you it i do yeah me too i do i think people find it frustrating because you have to get the right you know words and everything yeah bet q it'll it'll be it will give you the wrong things sometimes you siri often looks at me blankly or at least i imagine that i have no idea what you're trying to say leo anywhere what can i do for you raise okay i want to know about the note f e in here why i with one those note seven people that fell in love with the blue color and of course we're not going to give up the blue in the no eight and furthermore because i didn't upgrade to a note five i got a note bore they won't give me to deal with 425 carl yes so that's why i bought a note a because i get it for four hundred bucks now that's a very attractive devices then but i had to trade in and you could trade in the know five for a uh but you had to have bought a note seven did you buy an at seven nison i bought a them but the problem it i reverted back to my note four when they made me give my no so did i that's fine no but they wouldn't give me that it's out there with no option well you gotta go the samsung page they have to know about you so that so they knew about me because i had an account registered within a seven so.

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