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Weight forward of nearly 160 people who were unaccounted for after an oceanfront condominium tower collapsed near Miami is taking a toll on loved ones who can do a little bit, pray and hope. Miami Dade Fire Rescue Chief Alan Commence his comments erring on WPLG. We continue our search and rescue operations, so will continue throughout the night. This operational period. We're continuing with our strategy based on Anything that new pops up? So we're using our equipment still, with our dogs searching, seeing if we have any marks, as well as our sonar equipment, as well as video camera. Rachel Spiegel says she's praying for a miracle for her mother, Judy Spiegel, who lived on the sixth floor of that building, Gene ER guard fears has been too long since the building fell early Thursday. Three friends she believes Might be gone. Former President Trump holds Campaign Style rally tonight for the first time since leaving office here is White House correspondent Greg Clark. Trump returns to the political stage this evening with an eye on shaping the 2022 congressional race. He'll be in Lorain County, Ohio, southwest of Cleveland to boost the campaign of Max Miller, who's trying to oust incumbent Congressman Anthony Gonzalez. Miller is a former Trump presidential advisor and Gonzalez was one of 10. House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump following the January six Riot at the US Capitol, Greg Clugston. The White House plans to put more money into rebuilding the nation's roads, bridges and other infrastructure could give companies with ties to the construction industry. Solid foundation for growth. In an AP interview. Ohio Senator Rob Portman to lead GOP infrastructure negotiator says he hopes the plan that will get done Look, I'm very supportive of this package. I mean it was done in a totally bipartisan way Republicans made concessions Democrats made concessions We ended up with the middle ground. And the plan calls for about $559 billion a new spreading More from town hall dot com. Tell me why relief factor is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain. I'm often asked that question. Peten. Seth Talbot, the father and son, founders of relief factor, tell me they believe our bodies were.

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