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I was right about that. Even though the referees decided to take it away. I take them superbowl pick so hard. I mean they're post may also off on everything. I'm like yeah embrace going to get this behind the chiefs go dominate and it just turn like that and that's the thing no predictions. Nobody knows what the hell they're talking about. They just kinda put it out there and hope that whatever you came with is what actually happens it. S not what happened. That's what it was hopeful that tom brady was gonna lose. But it didn't work out that way. Because i mean that guy what learning give me start on. Tom brady as a guy comes in the division and him into regular season and then he gets us when it really counts. Yeah i felt that that was a gut pundits. That would hurt the nolan call. And that yeah we can could right against force. We go start bringing bringing up more You know bad memories. yeah yes so Before we get as i wanted to just Once again just circle back into the podcast again. So it's coming to the point now where we're going to be doing shows together so many times that you know it's almost like not even the guest on the show anymore but in the aspect of someone who may be watching this for the first time if you could just i guess described so. Somebody's sitting down. Watching youtube are listening on spotify to z. Talk what can they expect when they hear you as zeno heavier your conversations breaking your showdown all right so so the talent. You talk is To normalize that talk about everything and anything sports Pop culture and a heavy dose of politics but the one thing that it is that that the biggest thing that we're doing is me and him are bringing in our unique experiences as people of color right and not only people of color but we have even people of color. We have different different experiences right. Zeno yeah he's black but he's also from africa so he's also bringing in the international of like perspective of things One thing that i was telling you about we're talking about Maybe the podcast. That were the most proud of one of the podcasts. At i'm That have really really felt like me and know hit it. Really good was in episode three and that actually happened to fall under the nine eleven memorial time and he gave me this this this respected. I had never heard before because at that time he wasn't even the states. He wasn't a citizen yet he was still living in in in I don't he told me he was in south africa. Or if he was in in nigeria he was either one of those two and his perspective of the international part. That really. That really made me see like y'all. There's people that there's you gotta think outside of national nationalistic point of view like there's an international view and he brought that in so he's able to bring that in with not only with with with some stuff like that that's mobile but he's also able to bring it in his with with when we discuss about certain things you know one of the big things that we talked about is representation in the media. You know I said after after game. And after kamala harris after in game my daughter would never and even before that but my daughter would never have to look for a movie desperately looked for a movie were a woman is not represented. Were were women of color not represented still waiting in the no. It's going to happen. Pretty soon for latino a woman superior to commitment and i know that's up in the horizon because i believe i forget which one it is but saudis coming so when she gets older she's always gonna grow up with a woman hispanic woman superhero may. How much did we find. Find people of color to be superheroes right. We had to kill steal. Maybe you know an but now now we have all these other different characters but were able to bring in that perspective of how important that is for us. You know how important that is for me. As a person of color how important that zero as per person. So we're able to do that with that we're able to you know We talked about the fact that the the oscars created these. It was funny. He was reading off and he was like while he was reading. Mash should have done this. Before we started recording anyways he was reading it off and he and it basically that they included these categories that people of color basically the help people will get nominated right and why was he was reading it off. We realized like oh the oscars. Actually doing it right. Because they're like it doesn't have to be just people in front of the screen but in order to be nominated now can have to have three categories that hit where you have people of color right and we realize like oh no. This is about marketing this is about. You know you have to have somebody if you it was like all right. It's a all white cast because their base in the nineteen and and eighty greece doesn't matter you still can have a marketer. That's like a hispanic margaret. You know you can have costume designer. Be asian hispanic like so we were talking about that. We realized how important that is. There could be a person who is listening to that and doesn't realize like oh it makes sense because it's important to these guys because they're realizing there's more opportunities for people to be able to to be successful in these like so you're able to bring in the of perspective. That's the biggest thing that we're able to do is bringing our unique experience. Like i said even i'm unique. My mother and my father are both immigrants. Different parts of the immigration cycle. Meaning you know documented undocumented. You know speaking learning english not unable to learn english me like My my father is upper middle class. My mother and i grew up lower medical. Look we'll are working. Glasser are so this is like even then. I'm able to bring these different types of experiences to demographics. You know word. I'm looking for class. What are you know middle class. Because we're both him. And i of course but also i came from working class. Some might even say four so is able to bring these different perspectives. I think that's also that's very important and it's just something that that i'm very proud of that me and can bring these two different. Yeah we're both two people at both. Were two different people at the same time. And that's the that's the short answer. No no it's it's That's that's what we want. These interviews is elaborate answers. The the platform is set to give those elaborate answers and explain that in just to say is like z. Talk is a show where you get like our call us hip hop variety show. Your show is a variety. Show too is like you got a menu items and there's something for everybody so the positive section okay. Maybe you might be politics out. Okay fine but they got to entertain the section where you can get your you know entertainment news. I mean you guys have been reviewing tomorrow. Shows that have been on disney plus. They'll say it's plenty there. You.

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