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Them but my favorite was with my son who's now thirteen so he was probably eleven being with my son john who kept asking me during the the atlanta game recently two years ago gadd. Can they win. I'm like no. I don't think so actually what i said to him. I said you know what yeah i kept telling them. Yeah jake they can win. They can win. He dad third quarter twenty eight to three deck and they win again. Jake they can still win and then they came back and and they want extorting. My son takes so seriously. I mean he was literally. You know weeping at the last part of the game and then c._b._s. They won embraced really one of the great moments course being a boston fan. I mean two thousand and four when they win the world series for his time phenomenal but sharing it with my i son highlight yeah what teaching from your parents as most stayed with you showing up never ever give up. I've thought about that a lot. There's a lot of times when i would have wanted to quit when we especially when we tried to bury the firm but you know what if we would have quit. We would never be here for this period for this right now. The so what does it woody allen said ninety. Five percent of life is showing up. I absolutely think it's ninety nine. Just keep showing up up. Keep doing what you're doing and you know what you'll be there. When good things happen it's huge. It's a huge huge lesson. What information do you read that that you get a lot out of that. Other people might not know about tell you a great one. I just just open at this morning. <hes> this gentleman named nick murray and he's actually kind of a <hes> an advisor to financial advisers. He writes a monthly newsletter but what i love about it is he's. He always his basic. Thesis is how negative the press is. How pessimistic oppress is and how really you know again. He's a big fan of the optimist wins over time but we don't see that out in the world we see only the problems so he keeps you focused focused on what's actually working and he always has great resources <hes> great books that he's read couple of blogs. I just went to there's a there's an he's funniest. I'm talking about optimism again but there's a there's an optimist blog. I just went today. That was kind of talking about the the short-term negative perspectives versus long-term kind of wealth creation. Those are two that are <hes> real real valuable and of course i read the wall street journal but those are two and then we have a lot of guys that have various podcasts that i listen to of course i listen to capitol allocators worse. I do my work and you get a lot of good information yeah. What life lessons have you learned that you wish you knew a latte earlier in your life. I think that notion of keep showing up. I wish i would've got that earlier because i think it would have been easier to endure door through some very difficult periods of time. I wish i would have learned that early in my business career because again. I didn't pull the trigger on moving or leaving the bank but i really wanted to and i'm glad i didn't because i wouldn't be where i am now. If i had pulled the trigger on any of those things so so i i would've if i would've liked to. Have somebody tell me paul. Keep showing up. That's why i kinda preach that all the time in this firm advise that your kids when you know when we were growing up it feels like there was a lot more stability in peoples career paths <hes> and now there's it seems like there's a lot more mobility so does showing up mean the same thing that it might. Have you know twenty years ago. That's a really good question. That's that's a great question. I think it does because when i say keep showing up i could've left the business i was thinking. I love camping. I'll be a camp counselor or something yeah. I actually was talking. I could have left the business but you know what. I always loved the business. I just didn't love the vehicle in the form of a bank..

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