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Know we had I believe it was Friday city we had Doris Kearns Goodwin on was a Friday or Thursday Thursday okay so she got me all jacked up to watch her George Washington series on the on the history channel yeah so I dutifully set my DVR tape Sunday night Monday night and tonight funny how that works out well she got you all jacked up and I could one further away from it no I don't it goes like this makes Jill one of the bombing I know Bernie Texas because don't forget to watch Star Schurman Kerns Goodwin special like ill again not that of course I'm interested history on it just to the presidency I I I I know a lot about watching did but it's just funny how the how the two of us some came away from a because I actually read run sure now he read he wrote the book on Hamilton of the play was based on yeah which was great fantastic and I read his book also when is it as thinkers like the Bible on George Washington it was very boring I have to tell you but I still was she pique my interest and she's an old friend I know she wants to she went totally side ways with the liberals I I know that I understand all that but she still a good historian she wrote some great books this is why I was it well I could much is because they had the commentators that they had on they had on people like that from CNN John Avalon they had on a from MSNBC John Meachem what if it was a and even even Bill Clinton was a cut I mean as soon as I saw the three of them in a couple of others whose names escape me right now I had to cancel my recordings I was once five minutes of it and I don't know that was nice no surprise I I I watch I still want me to price and there's some folks on there that are very tough on trump and Republicans there is nobody I'm telling you there's nobody even holds like Nicole Wallace and Katie Turner no one comes close Doris Kearns Goodwin she just absolutely hates him this buys ism so to hear this to me there's no I would have a more surprising what is said it's not gonna believe this then bring you'll have a white alienate the viewers why why they made if you had some of the most vicious left wing not cakes on this supposedly objective history of I mean I can describe George watching I guess they could maybe they could I just couldn't watch these guys they make me sick to my stomach so I I I I was done I was out of it makes any Miley no you don't get get some people from some university is somebody that we don't know that doesn't people get that professor from New York University that led that though right I mean new York's how do you like that that I don't use that son of a **** Palestinian yeah is what he is Amos Hussein and he's he actually let and he's a teacher it and why you can you imagine the poison that the that the the the faculty on these universities is is is the poison that they're filling our young people's minds with but again no surprise we know this already we know this about our universities are academia we know the specifically about New York University but I mean that you'll hate resent and they probably say that the terrible people but the fact that he was leading the police anarchist protest any teaching kids I saw the subtleties of the same thing but they're only this morning about five forty five AM on fox news these two young kids who actually won the Republican club at NYU I was surprised when even exists but there is one a really cute actually young African American girl and a red headed young men and they were calling for this guy's termination they said you got a pie in the sky you know it's one thing to have free speech I get it it's another to actually have stuff but on the walls of the police kill the cops and this guy was in charge of that how is he still employed I mean these two young kids eighteen year old kids have to be the voice of reason and why you freedom of speech fantastic so but freedom of speech stops when you're asking for people to go out there when every option kill cops look you know well one of our management just texted me a an article that was written in the American spectator by his cousin and it's a very very well written the guy's obviously an intellectual very cerebral article and was about P. booty judge and people to judges dad his dad worked for Notre Dame anyway he he he celebrated this Italian Marx's who's enamored of Marx and Lenin and all these guys yeah one of the things one of the tenets of their philosophy if you want to affect change is you have to infiltrate the media and university it's not enough to go out and just burn things down you have to actually infiltrate the colleges and universities and the culture and that's how you're going to affect change and you see it happening right here in the United States I mean we really are at a crossroads I you have the these people on the left are sick they're sick my of my son we went for a couple interviews for college and every person there that was a Republican said don't mention that you're a Republican yes no no I went through my kids they they had to actually you know they had actually tailor their answers in their papers to what they think the teacher wanted to hear me yeah I know it was like that too she's you know she used to be a huge from supporters she's been somewhat someone brainwashed but not enough she still likes him and hate select but you can't say a word can't say a word my son's been completely brainwashed he's you know he's he's got he's got he's he's gonna be following in Hussein's footsteps he won't be because eventually when he gets a little older I'm gonna pull more pressure on him right now I don't want to it's fine you know it's fine because we have to understand it about eighty percent of his class or up in American kids and these kids were wonderful kids by the way the great friends are quite a lovable they hear the payments bit about trump they they don't know why he died that parents talk bad about twelve they don't they don't know why he does this like just rooting for the Mets still rooting for whatever baseball team you just adopt whatever that's it right so what we did say last week to me Gabriel he did say that he started to feel bad for presidential it's a lot so is because of the of the continuing to someone's law yeah no that's if you hate president empathy right you never gonna feel badly but the guy did he discuss so my son doesn't he actually said I'm sort of feel bad that's good yeah I mean the guys doing great things and yet he's being demonized and I swear to god the the local news media is so bad so bad they they're at I wish there was somebody monitoring I wish I had the time to monitor the local news I because I just catch what we want to do what please join John you know everybody should mention bill Ritter he's one of the culprits he's awful awful I watch channel seven and they did a story on the ice crack down on sanctuary cities states at cetera and they talk to the people it's like there's this dissonance there they they talk about how it affects in it it frightens some of the citizens there now ice is looking for criminal illegal aliens and they'll say that bill state that the in fat Eckley they make that clear and yet when they talk to the citizens they don't say well what about the fact that they claim that they're looking for the illegals among you they want to get rid of the bad guys they don't ask the question they just completely ignore it when they're talking to like say the the mayor of Newark ras Brockett it'll say well how about the fact that they're rooting out the criminal illegal aliens they don't mention that they never mention it and they just do the story at it it's like two separate stories in one report and they don't put the two together and then of course again this is channel seven to have that story in century city crackdowns now about four five stories later on to their credit they did it but then they do the MS thirteen story with the guy was killed they finally arrested that and an MS thirteen member with a man was killed because of the new no cast bell or the discovery rule Montanelli Maldonado yeah they do it as though that's not connected to the sank Chaudhry city thing let me say that you should do that right after the sanctuary city story if you if you're not biased right there's an agenda there's no question I don't know I don't know what I can tell you is an NBC is it still talks cover I think it is yes Hey let's go to Billy boys in Coney Island the gill says he's he's good Billy boy good morning to you I will some guys listen let me tell you something our own back of one inch not one all right hello and there's a lot of African American men just like me we don't back up we support chop one hundred and ten percent bring it on lets do this what am I saying the old sore five in a right he owns it I like what I hear Billy boy alike you Coney Island and even though the numbers are still small they're they're going up amongst the African Americans regarding trump support what part of that is having people coming wise to the fact that Donald Trump is not a racist but the other part which is willing to help Donald Trump is what was going up against Mike Bloomberg you could spend all the millions and billions he wants on commercials we know what this is please don't with African Americans and other people to judge copper markets can't stand him I mean we don't fight and what that that that we just got absolutely savaged early on in that race by she's out of it now what's to come all Harris yes so he's gonna because a bunch of people that already exactly going to be you know that up front line and sent a model the kingdom and dependent all of them he's got results Mike Bloomberg's a slogan is might gets things done Hey listen this presents already gotten done and he's going to continue to do it imagine if they work with him instead of forty gets them all these three years imagine what we could have accomplished I want to say this when we get back in this is not really this is something you may be surprised that someone in my nature I want to talk about the appearance of supporters spies but there's still the old shallow Heil here I go again right you're going so you there is a a certain guy running and I think his supporters all physically the ugliest people in the race I am only to pull but it's just my opinion it's got to be Bernie said well we'll find out when we get back we'll be back with after these words New York at a two talk radio seventy seven WABC.

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