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Patrick affairs therefore this works the location the old days it was just red wire to wire a new elect you you gotta love that in the old days red wire blue wire i knew i liked you the reviews on this or kind of mixed so one of the reviews i read was that the billing is a little misleading because you look at the two of them together john claude van damme and doff lundgren and they're saying that it's unevenly apportioned by the two of them teaming up so in other words being on the same side the blackwater is an action movie so it's people running shooting hiding colliding at various points along dim lit corridors of the submarine and i don't know this is one that i would watch i would stream it i like jean claude van damme and i like action movies the writing the writing holds up i don't know maybe the writing is decent enough i i wouldn't go to the theater and see it on the big screen but i could see myself putting a dent in the couch and watching it perhaps and finally we go from sicario blackwater to this one rock rubber forty fives businesses the copy what you did to make trillions you didn't have a manager i was like documentary about you which funny now he's doing he's doing about seven on his resume he's a hip hop dj and a string basketball legend just name a few of his talents he is a puerto rican whose embraced his latino roots has been on a path of self discovery this up my mind so much.

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