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What fifty percent plus one vote so there were some concerns that we might be looking at a runoff election. Yeah and of course that does not come to for wishing and that was part of his concern. But as you mentioned too and and kill reagan with the noko optimists who i had on earlier this morning said exactly what you did mayor gates emphasize is not a time for somebody to be learning on the job at spot in the city of greeley agreed with him. Well and i think the beauty of mayor gates is his He's so humble his humility and he for that reason and many others appear appeals to voters across the board both republicans and democrats alike. Yeah talking with host of mornings with gayle fallon about an election recap here from a statewide standpoint. I thought that this was interesting. That colorado and we normally like to approve syntax. Is that that you do enjoy when the tax comes up on that we pass that but tonight last night rather. They rejected the property tax break and marijuana tax increase. It was that that wouldn't cut me a little off guard when i spent some time delving into that marijuana tax increase prop one nine thousand nine. It seems still colorado voters across the state. We're in a no as you had amendment seventy eight going down prop one nineteen prop one twenty as well but You know it says it's been said that you know politics. Make for strange bedfellows. You had a lot of conservatives actually in support of that marijuana sales tax increase because of the impact it would have on education funday but now colorado voters saying. Nope ain't going to happen. Yeah i thought that was interesting. Anything else from statewide or a local side of things. That kind of caught your eye well. I was encouraged by the school. Board election greeley evans school district six. Because what's interesting. I think you're gonna find a common thread across the country..

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