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Dr freeman going um and if he can establish iran and he's he's he's ripping off these headfirst physical dominating runs and he plays like that we can win this game by taking that the model that the saints wanna use of appropriate here for ourselves and then running the ball down their throats yeah i mean i think that's a totally plausible way for the falcons win this game they're running the ball very effectively anna and still to be honest with you i don't i don't understand will restore having these conversations mayberry not let him just imagining this maybe this is a straw man but it certainly seems like when i talk to people there are still those conversations about how the falcons offense is a mess with steve sarkissian at offense river nader i think i think the conversations are real i mean i think it's it's one of those where every time there's a little blip oh well it's like because monday night they were cutting to start he it i mean they've kept cutting or to him over and over again he's ran it back attack on this place i mean listen if you want to judge his sartorial sense i can't fault obviously there are issues there that's that's the case but in terms of his performance this falcons offense is very very very good their second in yards per drive their fifteen points per dry they're being handed the worst average starting deal position and their defense allows the longest average time possession and the most plays for dr they get the eighth had the fewest possessions by a significant margin of any team in football so the cumulative numbers are not there so if you have these guys and fancy football perhaps you're concerned about that i don't think it's the offense that they had a year ago obviously they've played the easy schedule in football football outsiders but this offense is totally fine if they're not playing the vikings defense which makes a lot of offense.

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