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Amplified call for justice I'm Lisa Brady fox news George ward was not expendable this is why we're here Texas congressman Al Green among the mourners remembering George Floyd at a funeral in Houston where he grew up we are going to make sure that those who look three times that they would know that he made a difference within his time because he changed not only this country not only the United States the change the world George will change the world loved ones remembering him as a gentle giant father brother athlete and mentor the protests that started after his death two weeks ago during an arrest in Minneapolis continue one controversial proposal for changes dividing Democrats high ranking democratic lawmakers in DC are distancing themselves from the debate over de funding the police after top house Democrats hosted a call with their members encouraging them to Dodge talking about the issues so that that issue doesn't become one for Democrats on the ballot in November but fox business Hillary Vaughn reports that position is at odds with younger progressive members congresswoman Ileana Omar whose district includes Minneapolis she called the police department they're a cancer presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden has one thing in common with his opponent president trump's fighting he does not support calls do you find the police Senate Republicans are working on their own legislative response to Floyd's death the day after house Democrats unveiled a sweeping reform package the president has long argued he's done more for the black community than previous administrations today highlighting the Senate vote to confirm general Charles brown as the Air Force chief the first African American leader of the U. S. military service a sell off on Wall Street the Dow has been down over two hundred points heading into the close America is listening to fox news this report is sponsored by train heating and cooling because it's hard to stop a train continues with one oh six one FM talk strong words from governor Roy Cooper to officials in Alamance county here's Richard Stalin governor Roy Cooper's threatening a racetrack in North Carolina to shut down access to spectators the a speedway in Alamance county welcomed a reported two thousand people at a race over the weekend people called it a reckless decision to pull people together and said yesterday the state is ready to take action elements as sheriff has yet to issue a citation to the speedway's owner because of his reservations on the legality of the governor's order on outdoor gatherings they're currently limited to twenty five people a request now from the governor he's asking that anyone who has participated in marches and demonstrations over the last couple of weeks to get tested for coke at nineteen it comes as new state health department figures released on Monday show hospitalizations have hit an all time high at seven hundred thirty nine Cooper said he'll get tested today he spoke with protesters last week at a rally in front of the governor's mansion state health officials have released a new set of guidelines on how public schools.

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