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Low line drive cleared out easily by the switchbacks and able to get it further downfield while they're at it. Mexico will have a throwing. It will be Sergio Rivas to do the honors. Throws it towards the box nearly taken away by Phillip, My aka Now Bruce in the corner gets its strip by Beverly Mocking Gila. It will go out for a corner. Kick a Pepsi corner kick Pepsi! That's what I like. Sorry. Approaching the 45 minute mark, But with the injury to Sam Hamilton would expect a crooked number here. In terms of Tiktok shop stoppage time. And that will come after Andrew Tannery sends this one in and it's headed easily away by the switchbacks. Yearwood will get possession in the middle of the field, though about 30 yards out New Mexico trailing back and it's taken away here comes to Shane Beckford. He's all alone teach. The shot save made by Tim Back is All rolling to the far side. Stephen Echeverria has it gets taken down, No whistle. New Mexico starts back the break. Here's Rivas playing it out wide. New Mexico chips it into the box, and it will be played by Matt Mahoney on the near side. Six additional minutes of Tiktok shop stoppage time. This first half is not over by a long shot. Great opportunity, though for decision Beckford read that passed brilliantly stole it away. Thought he might take it a little bit closer to 10 back as before unleashing the shop. And now across the, uh, the face of gold goes the ball from New Mexico played out easily by the switchbacks. They don't have numbers, but they'll press on just the same along the far side of the field. And now a couple players get tangled up switchbacks keep on their feet. They'll have it in the box. Here's a shot. Not much on it, though. For 10 back is How do you bury just trying to be unselfish? Play that one over to Galina? New Mexico seemed like they pulled up right waiting for the referee's whistle. It didn't come this game getting awfully stretched an end end for the end of the first half. And now, Phillip, My aka takes it away for the switchbacks at midfield, plays it for the overlapping Haji Barry, Barry Tomiichi Galina Galina strikes and that one just over the crossbar may have been tipped, though it was And we'll get a corner kick as Haji Barry. Says good job, Michi or something to that effect corner kick coming up for the switchbacks. It will be a pike's peak National bank corner kick. Bank. Well be well cheer loud. It will take place on the near side of the field. Sebastian Andersson will take it all the same. How did this game end up at this kind of a point At the end of the first half? This is back and forth legs heavy so much space in between in front of both teams and Sebastian Andersson with the corner and this one headed by the switchbacks, but Off target and out for a corner kick. We'll look when you can't really see the lines. As is our view. It just looks like a massive field. Down there in Albuquerque. And even exacerbated by the fact that the switchbacks have gotten so much space. I know it's regulation size, but it just it looks massive. And it does. And I think a lot of that is because some of the heavy legs, especially from The host. We mentioned that road trip that they had so many games in a short period of time. But this looks like the the end of a sort of a regulation of a 2 to 1 game, not the A tie game at the end of the first half. I mean, both of these teams back and forth. Tons of holes, tons of space in that midfield area. And the switchbacks tried to capitalize on that. It was a really nice flick. Also from that Sebastian Andersson Corner cake. You can see the switchbacks have kind of changed how they play from those dead ball set pieces and Sebastian Andersson whipping another good one with his right foot. It was flick just wide of the young men from Athens, Alex to Bacchus, who will Take the goal kick momentarily. And he does taken now, by the way, Braunwyn over to the sidelines as he was experiencing some discomfort. Switchbacks able to gain possession near midfield. We'll have a throne now as it's tapped out. Again. We're just 2.5 minutes into the additional six minutes of Tiktok shop stoppage time this due to a severe injury to Sam Hamilton, who we again wish all the best as he makes his way to Local hospital to be checked out. You hope the prognosis, uh, does not jive with needing an ambulance to get him off the premises as once again, the ball goes out of play. And the switchbacks. Whoa! Actually have a free kick right at midfield. Matt Mahoney will Restart action plays it back to Jimmy Oxford over to Michael Edwards. Which banks have a lot of time to try and Take it to one lead into the break. Here's Anderson. Plays it back to Edwards. Edwards going to reverse fields to the near side looking for Matt Mahoney, well out of his reach and out of play throwing coming. For Colorado Springs. 49 38, counting six additional minutes. Of Tiktok shop stoppage time. Kalen Ryden Haji Berry with the goals, one for each side. Josh Suggs going to throw this one in for New Mexico. Taken away by Matt Mahoney. Stephen Echeverria now plays it out. Why did Sebastian Andersson chips it over the top game to Haji Barry came a little bit strong off of his chest, but it's a very able to get there now to Matt Mahoney. On the near side and that one will be touched out by Josh Suggs immediately thrown into Michi Galino gets wiped out on the near side ball goes out of play. Michi is down. Josh Suggs going over to check on Galina. And now.

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