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News talk six thirty and ninety seven fm wpro i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show the murder is nonstop the violence the noise the gunshots through and through men do not survive got shot with a stomach shots in the civil war eighty five percent i believe is the uh the kia sixty five percent in the chest they amputate immediately because they don't or don't understand says uh they don't have thermometer's the battlefield is strewn with men who are dying slowly and they can't even rescue them do this is all happening while the battles going on around them at the same time there are more oh man sin the professors books at our unrelieved har as hood who has struck down that day as his division comes out of the woods and overwhelms bernis division overwhelms the badly deployed third corps and now for winfield scott hancock who is my hero of the second day as howard was my hero the first day hancocks third corps arrives i hope i have this correct second corps arrives around six pm he sees that the battles going very badly where disease deployed a professor originally hancock second corps was to deploy along cemetery ridge right in the rear of cemetery hill they were to be the gatekeepers to the backyard of the union position but as the third corps began to fall apart disintegrate under these repeated hammering was for a long straight well the second corps was there on the spot on they were the people nearest so they get called upon for help and hancocks sends off one entire division he had three divisions in its core sons off one entire division under john caldwell they go into the we field and art decimated there then as the evening draws on and the confederates continue to gain ground and kok looks around him for over you unip stood of plug up these gaps at all he can see an american the smoke is one lone regiment from his core the first minnesota is this all we've got he says and the answer is obviously yes i'm afraid so he froze.

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