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And then you'd be like, oh, yeah, here's the Bill, and that was on, like, oh, and then once a Mestre, you're paying, like three hundred dollars for two classes. This is so much money, and now you're paying money for my summer classes near like this is so much more expensive. Could you view and taken that can we go back in time and take that kind of dual enrollment even more effect too? If you think of so this is a prime example, if you're an accounting student, if you want to be an accounting student, and you want to be a public accountants, so means you're going to sit for the CPA exam. Okay. If you, if you did do enrollment that means you have a bunch of extra credit going into college. The CPA exam to sit for it requires more hours than you would normally get in a four year program at university. So most students if you come in with nothing to take the CPA if your adviser is smart, they're telling you take summer classes. So you're taking summer classes, every single summer to make sure you're going to hours if your advisers, not smart. They don't tell you that you have to take an additional year, or you have to do a master's program in accounting, even to just get the hours to sift, the CPA exam. But if you came in doing roll moment, you might have your you might have covered your buck because you might have enough hours ahead of time that you're good. And you can get all those hours in a four year span. Without even taking a single summer credit now. Some credits are great actually highly suggest them. I run now yet, aren't you the best? There's less pressure there, there. I mean, they are consolidate at least mine, where in a month whereas you'd have all semester, but it's a little less pressure. Real more relaxed environment. So, but you could cover yourself in a situation like that from taking entire year extra at a university. And, you know, if you're at a university, it's expensive that, that could save you forty thousand dollars, depending even more if you're like an Ivy league school. So, so just just prepare. I think Jim what you were talking about is, you know, you didn't really know about it. Sammy luck who is bringing the stuff to you as parents. So if you can know about these options ahead of time. It can really save some coin down the road, and if, especially if your student if your your kid is having to pay for this. So it's a big savings. That's serious. Pro tip, they're less work people. Yes. For. But on if you're programs like that, not just accounting. But that was when I experienced so let me, let me courage, if you're listening to the spot cast on my kids are already gone or my kids, are too young help those around you with this info. Like I think this is really important. This is tens of thousands of dollars. We're talking about in savings in kind of just about an hour worth of work to investigate. It's you. It's available kind of think about it. If you're, if you're students are going to go to college in any form, this can be a huge savings. Is it necessarily tech related? No, but do we always talk about tech stuff here? No. Like this is this is one of those podcasts were, or trying to be helpful. So, you know, if you're if you're in that boat, or you've got friends who are in that boat, or you've got friends with kids who are in the junior high high school. It is a really an in my kinda what I find is. It's only in the in kind of the privileged areas where the students write that take things. So if you are. In an area where you were very lucky in Omaha. And in Kansas City areas, we both live in very great school systems. Here are pristine, really good if you are engaged. And if you talk to the advisors, they have the information if you know someone who's not one of these areas talk to him about it because this is available for everyone. It's just that in the not so well, educated areas if people or, or the I call them the engaged areas, if the teachers need visors aren't engaged with their students. The students are never gonna know and a lot of times, the parents, don't know. So, so help help your friends out, talk to front abroad, it this could literally save them money. They should be paying you for this advice. Right, basically, brought Brian our says tests, the relaunch of the financial tech podcast. That's bad. Into student loans, and everything we could have a whole episode on that I will. I did a whole podcast with Christian on how to finance college, and it would apply today. Is it of when he started at Maryland way back in the day should be foam or six years ago? Now, we spend some time thinking about this is tens of thousands of dollars. Let me think it is. It's a gigantic investment, and there's some things you can do. But if you're not in that boat. It's you everywhere. You can't you can't this goes through bankruptcy. This goes through this is till you die. Yeah, thanks for that. Reminder. Yeah. Thanks, mike. I appreciate it. There's always so-fi though. If you're released if you had a lot of private high interest loans. So fi is actually a really good platform. I'm hoping that I, I make enough in crypto that I'm able to pay off Stanley Sloan. So. Crypto earthy here at the end of the show Sammy sick of me saying that Sammy, let's get let's have a fun topic really quick as we kind of bring this in for landing. You have got your brother's got you into Pokemon go, which. Wait. Really? Like, I still can't believe like you're the holdout like they were doing it. And you never played the Nintendo games growing up. I knew nothing about it. I was the least video game least, like all my brothers built computers for themselves for gaming and I did not. And I'm like, of my family. I'm the least tech savvy, which is kind of Larry, but this January Tim was in town on leave in Josh came over after like early in the morning. He was like get your shoes on Tim. We're going to talk about when we're playing Pokemon go, and I was like, I want to come because I wanted to get out of the house, and I want talk. Oh, bell. And he was like, well, if you're coming, you have to download Pokemon go so on January third, I downloaded Pokemon go and here I am five months later, and I met level twenty nine. Like I got my gold, gym leader badge for defending gyms for thousand hours after one month of playing in Josh's. Like, and I, I have a spreadsheet, that's always open. That's full of like my candies injustice, like how do you become a Polk Amman nerd in less than six months like Josh you don't understand? I don't know how to like anything casually. I am all in on everything. I like Sammy. The I you are. We have a lot of things in common. I like all of us. It's worth doing is worth overdoing. Let me as soon as they started playing. Yup. I love it. That's fantastic. Yes. A now I go, there's a there's a cemetery. That's in the really old part of LV that's nearby. It's probably like what would you say dad like a quarter of a mile half mile? Yeah, it's all a pill though. But I walked there every day, and I do the gyms, and I spent all the stops and I catch Pokemon, and then I come back in, like, that's my workout for the day. Because like on campus college campuses are the best place to play. Pokemon goes you live on a college campus and you're not playing what are you doing because there's gyms everywhere there stops everywhere in. So it's really easy to get levels really fast. So I was like, you know, I might as well do this thing and do it for real. But I'm so used to walking all over my campus all the time because they don't have a car. So I'm like I need to keep up my walking over the summer 'cause I also live on the sixth floor of my dorm, and I take the stairs. Because I'm claustrophobic at afraid of elevators. So I need to keep up my hill walking. So I don't the stairs don't cripple me when I go back to school in August. So it's worth it to play. So I actually I was in polka mongo casually with my wife, we loved it actually, when it first came out, I didn't know it still. It's still going instead and they still update it. They add new Pokemon every couple of months a lot better since it first. Yeah. So many fewer bugs so so much easier. Catch things east to be like impossible to get certain things, and now you could find them anywhere. Like I caught like twelve pitches day one time. Okay. I'm sorry. Did I just fall asleep? I won't be brewed. No. I'm just kidding. Actually took Sammy. The movie, and I was telling doubt about it. It was like, if you're going to see this movie he's like, no, I'm like, okay, here's the spoiler. But I did I did go walk with her when we she was going out to do it. And so we took we took and super enjoyable, great. We, we love spending time together, so it's, it's fun to be a part of that. I am afraid like this is the if I started doing this. Absolutely. Yeah. With all the things that you do. You don't need another thing on your play. Do not it. It's like the one thing that I keep on my phone that actually is enjoyable because I've because social media has become so unenjoyable when iphone gains or just a dumpster fire of time. So I it's like my one thing, and it also encourages me to get out of the house into spend spend time out in the fresh air, and, like it's, it's goal oriented. But it's not so much of a time suck as you would think it is based on how into it. I am. But really, it's like I, I walk like thirty thirty minutes to an hour. Our day. I spend on that walk and it's good for my health. It gets me out of the house and its incentivize getting out of the house. So I'm not like oh, it's kinda overcast outside. I'm not gonna leave. I'm like, no, I need to get my seven day goal. You convinced me, I'm, I'm delanie right now. I'm getting. I was I'm really intrigued of where I left off on this. Oh. Oh. Vangelis very if you start letting me get wired. He did we got really into it. So I had to get back into it. Now, I'm going to start hearing stories from Sami about conversations. She's had with you can be like. Oh, yeah. Mike in hand. Like, we haven't you talked to them more than you talk to me. Yeah. Yeah. Ten mile bike ride, and we've got a bunch Pokemon. It's been great. Let's super great people's friends through mutual interests. I like it. I think it's been I, I really like the direction pokey mongo has gone in what they're doing with it in people out in, it's getting people active in and I thought it had kinda died down. And I think actually Sammy for the high schoolers that are behind you. I think it has, but I think your generation and above you and your brothers, you were kind of inbetween Tim in Josh who are now twenty six and twenty two are in that sweet spot. And I think you're you were a little young for about because your brothers were doing it. And you got got into it. I think we see the sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen year olds there's certainly some that are doing I don't think it's as popular anymore for them as it used to be in. It's weirdly sessile for adults because we're more mobile in where more oftentimes remorse in control of our schedules. And if you live on a college campus as a great place to play because there's so much stuff going on. And it's so easy. Like the team mystic on campus has a group chat in so they do rates together. They'll go take over gyms together, which is knowing me team dollar because they're so. Well coordinated in. I'm sit a loner but like it's it's a community thing, and it brings people together..

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