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E Mail news at 502. Good morning, everyone I'm John Mathews. A frustrated Maryland governor, Larry Hogan says the state will provide counties with four week projections on back Seen allocations to help them better organize appointment. But he says there's only so much he can do if I needed to drain the entire rainy day fund to buy enough vaccines for every eligible Marylander. I would do so today. Unfortunately, we have no control whatsoever. Over this supply problem. Hogan and several other governors will meet with President Biden at the White House today to discuss the vaccine bottleneck. The Maryland houses overwritten Governor Hogan's veto of a first of its kind digital advertising tax that lawmakers say we'll bring in $250 million in revenue. It's first year. The same bill also raises the tax on cigarettes from $2 to 3 75 Pack Ah, homecoming Saturday for allowed in county sheriff's deputy shot last month while arresting and accuse shoplifter. Long month and a half for 26 year old sheriff's deputy, Cameron Gentry. He's been in the rest in hospital center since January, 2nd when he was shot four times by suspected shoplifter at the Sterling Walmart. Hamren's leaving the hospital Saturday, according to his father, Tony. We're looking forward to it. We know that there's going to be a lot of people out there making noises. He's coming out all the way home, including his colleagues, who haven't been able to visit him because of covert restrictions. While Cameron's coming home, Tony says his son's still can't walk on his own. He's got a long road ahead. Happy to get out of the hospital. Heather Curtis sound W M A. L N w a mail dot com. Martin County lawmakers have moved closer to passing new regulations that would ban guns from being brought into county parks and government buildings, except for those with concealed carry permits. And in a few other limited cases, the Board of Supervisors also considering whether to put magnetometers in the county, three main government office buildings Help enforce those new rules. The final vote will be held march 2nd checking your money. The Dow futures down 79 points this morning. The NASDAQ futures Down 30 in sports..

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