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On tuesday and you'd finish your story sunday maybe monday morning there was tuesday and wednesday before people saw the magsi and you prayed that nothing happened during the environment i did this story about mitch wiggins and lewis loyd for houston you know the redemptive back from drug problems and everything and it was tucked away in magazine hit on tuesday hit got suspend suspended by have league or a violation of the drug politics dayem one of the most delightful people ever dealt with mitch rich reagan's you know who is the father of fog over with israel wigan hideo great guy you know funny guy and i said well upset with some bad time he so lower though were a couple of those that you've got caught with the dreaded tuesday and wednesday these days you then 'unright it on the internet heating the hope but back then you know you couldn't do that of all the stars in that 80s era into the nineties that you wrote about covered who is the hardest guy for you to get to know the toughest whether it's player even team organization the toughest one to get to an end if felt like i never got in his deep as i wished i could have isaiah back when they won their second glitzy they'd be portland ivecco they won their second title almost nobody remembers this but i i think isaiah was always vaguely a disc trust fold that i had plugged.

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