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One triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four and before we go back to all of your phone calls this show, some interesting items across my desk and screamed I of which s it was the big Facebook f eight conferences past week and throughout history. It seems like whenever Facebook gets self in a jam. They do these whole political PR moves, right? Well, Mark Zuckerberg came out this past week and said we are going to be redesigning. Facebook. We're actually going to change it from public town hall to a vehicle for private conversations. So instead of the news feed you're going to a message only in private groups, not the entire world anymore. But the problem is the design you say, they're only one two three degrees of separation with every Facebook user. So as soon as someone in one private group context anyone another private group. It's pretty much back to square one. So a few other things at the beginning of this. Keynote Mark Zuckerberg said the future is private novel. Is that that brings us to his other? I differ groups for privacy is key things like health support groups were members composed without having their names appear. Sounds like you can be anonymous. But no word how this applies to advertisers advertising on Facebook. They also refresh the messenger app they're releasing a desktop apple later and remember what he said he wanted a camera and every living room. Well, now, they're portable video chat device. It's not only available throughout the United States. But it's going to Europe and privacy is there. New favorite buzzword? But now, they're also asking you to make a list up to nine of your Facebook friends, who you might have a romantic interest. So you just have to come with the nine folks on your Facebook friends list, you say, you know, I wasn't married or if I was single this is really who. I'd want to go out with I can't imagine anything going wrong with that at any given point ever. They say it's part of Facebook dating that's available in twenty countries right now somehow that doesn't include the United States quite yet. And they also want to dive in with more AI and algorithms to they say to help stop fake news in those videos and hate speech because they see how well it's been working out over at YouTube. And when Zuckerberg said something we listened because it's kind of like a study of the human condition by comparing of what he actually says to what he's actually doing doesn't always line up. So just because Mark Zuckerberg says I am champion for your privacy right now. Doesn't really mean that he is. It's kind of like if you stand in the garage. Do you really become a car not so much? All right moving along. Let's talk about your password password. Protectionism perfect. I can't wait until it goes away. Some guy at Microsoft this past week said we need to get rid of passwords like, yeah. You think? Well, the u k national cyber security center did a study with have I been postponed on Troy hunt. And they looked at various databases of breached accounts. It wasn't good at the top of the list of pass reduce should never use. But apparently, everybody's still does it's very disappointing to me on three or five six they found that pass reviews for over twenty three million accounts around the world, the silver medal goes to the more advanced version of the same password. Or are you ready to they're going to make extra tricky one two three four five six seven eight nine. Yes. Seven eight nine K, those extra three characters aren't going to stump. Even the dumbest FOX rounding out the top five quarter, followed by the least original password password and finally the password that I don't use one one one one one one K whatever you do don't run down on piece of paper unless it's one two three four five six because then your co. Workers would have guessed that one. Anyway. Are moving along organ. Transplants are serious business. This is amazing.

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