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In Arizona yeah no you bitbay allegedly took it because the president told them the chloroquine somehow is going to help them that's the allegation turns out they always go to the series history of of violent behavior turns out she is aid donor to Hillary Clinton and a far leftist groups turns out in twenty twelve I guess she was trying to get a divorce from his husband the husband died she didn't she claims she took they took Laura Quinn phosphate which was not ever talked about they took that because the president told them to reset it constantly and by the way the president never told anybody to take that he said he was hopeful that it could be used as some sort of medication to help those suffering from corona virus it's a malaria drug prescribed by a doctor fish tank cleaner is not prescribed by a doctor just gonna help you out with that turns out lot of holes in that story that the big media is not covering because they like the idea that they can blame trump for the this guy's death because he had nothing to do with it but they liked that idea I think that's okay again it's hydroxy Corcoran it's a medicine approved for malaria now the FDA has approved it for use on patients suffering from corona virus the people at Gretchen Whitmer the governor of Michigan had to change your tune what she was saying there are going to make an executive order you can't prescribe Cork win well it's not up to you Sparky bills you your governor Nevada tons of devices name that governor also was banning the prescription of Laura Quinn you know why because he's an idiot there are people in big government that they're making decisions that proves that you never should have elected them to begin with Monday through Friday to hear me in in Las Vegas today you hear me in Reno you should be here ever hear me in Reno Monday through Friday but that's another story you guys are electing these people I don't I don't get it Michigan you sure honestly I love Michigan slaughterhouse there right sixteen stations in Michigan Monday through Friday what the were you thinkin electing Gretchen Whitmer what exactly were you thinking what what exactly goes through your mind when you say this is the person she wasn't I don't tell me about how because you legalize marijuana you guys will need to smoke pot that badly you're like somebody that horrible one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty Joe pags dot com line three is going to be marking Connecticut mark what's going on one body I just got a great point in a political point you got time yellow gold one I think the production E. G. A. pour out chance the step up in the Pacific play the masters in America got together and said we're going to play and I'm sure they would have little resistance my father was a World War two and so was Ted Williams the rest of the life you know ten years after a hit for six records right just a thought I you know I would I would be I don't know why why are we playing although it's a loser why aren't we playing golf why aren't we out in the open spaces I it's social distancing seems to work then you have some do president my team this week say auto corona virus can travel twenty seven feet and doctor felt she had to come out and say now wait let's not going twenty seven feet leisure purposely projectile you know coughing and sneezing on people that's not the case it's so we completely debunked that immediately we should be outside outside activity should be allowed and we just stay away from each other this whole idea that we have to be locked in our houses is weird what else yeah and are on the hook for bombers biggest supporter in Connecticut probably the biggest levels I think the last Republican we voted for president was wanting I made a few mistakes I gotta admit I me blow up our economy like by closing all the factories down but he didn't call address the storm's going cut side Walmart's like you're in a Petri dish what do you expect this dog is eating away you don't say we talk about trump or anybody you know trump seems to be working space the thing by a doctor this marks the start of it get help there he's making are divorced you your phone's breaking up a little bit I don't know your governors and I gotta be honest with you it's some liberal I probably you have a good requirements a lap dog nice what what Cuomo is making a full of himself too he's got to write a brutal rating all of a sudden no it got the idea that that they beat Walmart is still open I agree with it staying open but yeah there's got to be a policy in place to how you do that you have to do it other people have to stay away from each other and that people have to go in in very small groups of the store is going to take longer but you've got to go in in small groups people either essentials that's for sure but yeah these governors are making decisions that are very very strange to me I think the president's trying to stay out in front of it I appreciate the call by the way thank you our presence try to stay out in front of it and and he's out there doing a news conference every day exponentially better than what Obama did in two thousand eight two thousand nine with it with H. one N. one Obama when it's over fourteen hundred Americans then declared an emergency and the day he declared an emergency one play golf and we give you bring that up now by the way Europe and people attack you on Twitter which is ridiculous I'm just reporting facts this is what the guy did or didn't do this president has been acting very very swiftly and very quickly and bring you the updated information from doctor Burks and Dr Adam to Dr Fauci Anna from doctor Carson he's bringing you information from the different departments whether it be justice or or whether it be homeland security so we're we're at least getting as much information as were allowed to have I still think we should have more and I wish that would step up but it's interesting quandary she keep Walmart open you keep the drug stores open to keep the grocery stores open you keep restaurants open for drive thru takeout so how do you ensure social distancing their any sense the call is is basically a Petri dish I hear him is not far off to be honest we go back out and you have a line five is going to be a Eugenia in New York what's happening hi hi Joe by the way sounds good and vibrant thank you I'm doing well I love your name by the way thank you I was named after my dad he's Italian and my cousin is kind of stuck over there but they're doing well considering the situation and I did want to talk to you about a few points that you've been bringing up this is my first time listening to your show thank you and I would like to say that as far as New York is concerned everyone is being very you know well being good soldiers and trying to help each other out and with that being said SUNY new Paltz our college the science and engineering department they have three D. printers and so they have produced over a thousand shield to be used for you know first responders which we're all grateful to them central Hudson which is our electricity company for the Hudson Valley they're contributing this gal sister Carol Ian from Connecticut he had god bless her she had a role of transparent acetate which can be used there's enough of it to make another thousand shields had to artisans are contributing gloves and gowns and it's awesome it's just really awesome in terms of Walmart I just heard your other caller we have a Walmart in new Bern I think it's been nearly twenty one maybe twenty two years I watched it go up in any case where about the Hudson Valley New bird is two Air Force base west point is fully maybe seventy miles down the road and so New York is about you know maybe ninety miles depends on where you're going to work so anyway and Newburg is a major exit off of the Thruway so we get a lot of visitors and so on you know we have forces headquarters in Vanderbilt mansions across over in Texas county and whatever my point is is that the Walmart I was there two weeks ago and they had fresh air being pumped into the store they had to go into the food area click to food and if you wanted to pass through the rest of the story you were you are permitted to and then you would exit out another entrance they have places on the floor where you stand it's just a really well run so in terms of the Petri dish comment I think it's up to the individual stores and the managers and the staff and these people have been there like I said twenty one twenty two years you know them by name well I I hear you but it but it sounds like in Connecticut where he shops it's it's very different and you're right I mean if the I don't think it should be up to the individual stores it shouldn't be a problem is like that I think the company should say this is how you do it more often I can let you open up it hurts our policy do it do it how they're doing it Neuberger what which makes perfect sense to me yeah I'm glad to hear that I haven't gone to Walmart to be honest with you we've been ordering stuff that they get shipped to the house and I'm going to a drive through restaurant a couple of times but other than that we're not going into a mixing in the in that sort of way because I'm not really sure that people are following the directives I think they should be able to go out but but I choose not to that's interesting they do they're doing the right thing to in terms of the virus and where it came from there was a gentleman on at some point this past week I don't recall but anyway he spoke about and I know what he's talking about because I witnessed it in St Croix I used to be I'm in my fifties I used to be in the travel business for like twenty some years so I had the opportunity to flatter Stewart with American and you know we flew over the Caribbean so anyway we're in St Croix and we're bombing around and there's an open market so we stopped and I wouldn't go in because the stench was overwhelming and then securing chicken thing carols and anything and everything that can that needs to be butchered and prepared for consumption is done in one location okay so Peter that picture how do you see like this you know like a pole building with each and open in the Caribbean right he terms okay bacteria so it's thought it's been in per se by this gentleman where back and cats and dogs and other animals are butchered in the same location in China and that's where it stemmed from now with that being said Italy how come Italy got impacted well the thought is and the numbers say don't hold me to any of this I'm just giving you information that was passed on to me but it's something to research and think about you guys can do all that because yeah I I actually know why Italy is being affected like that because Italy has three hundred thousand Chinese immigrants than those that that are there legally no I've got it they've got a huge illegal immigrant problem with China is well and China and China took off I I ate an entire area of Italy Florence area I mean the mayor is there were all world greased the the the people who are running the joint role Greece and China came to basically deliver speak Italian there anymore in this part of northern Italy they speak Chinese I gotta run I love you and I love you called in a live you listen thank you I appreciate the information but yeah that's why Italy so heavily impacted and they actually had a program at the beginning of this call to hug a Chinese I'm not even kidding you how did Chinese this is how back where they were there because these governors in these local mayors were all being grease they're all being given a bunch of money on to pay offs and now if you go to a certain part of Italy there are signs in Chinese and people who speak the language of the Italian language they walk around they speak Chinese and I guess they re did the port there but they've taken over all the business all the mom and pops in in Italy are gone the middle exist anymore that part of Italy's basically little China now so yeah that's exactly what's going on and we actually had that that we expose.

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