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Welcome back American music from happier times I'm joined by rob James Stavridis retired United States Navy of course former allied supreme commander also of NATO also head of Southern Command and on January twenty second with me on the show a predictor of doom and so early to the bell Tom cotton the outgrowing me were I wish we had been wrong we were right now the question is what do we do add role and this is Graham I bet you seem grim things before right I have and I someone asked me the other day what this was like an act the only thing I could come up with his it's not like two thousand eight financial crisis and it's not like nine eleven you is kind of a combination of those two things in other words it's the uncertainty about the broad security and how this will come out globally combined with the obvious economic danger that is yeah the head of us so it is the most unsettling time of my life and I'm in my early sixties so this is this is one to worry about here's the good news I think we have all the tools to deal with this there will be damage to the economy we are going to lose a fair number of people before it's all over but we are gonna come around this thing what we are thinking about is what can we do to prepare for the next pandemic so we don't remake some of the mistakes we've seen so far no no I I'm going to give you a different analogy I've been describing to people like a worldwide Katrina we saw its approach it is come ashore in some places the early tip of the storm has hit in New York and and of course in Italy and China but it's gonna stay over land a long time can the thing I think people need to know again we discussed that I talked to Tony about you about this last week the nineteen eighteen pandemic with with you and I are both aware that's why we were conversing with this in January went away during the summer of eighteen came back even more virulent in the fall I don't know that people are looking out six months on the downside they're looking they're hoping they're praying we're Americans we always do this but we actually have to adopt a nineteen forty two approach don't we indeed we do and we are making another point about Spanish influenza and its a fortune at one banish influenza primarily attacked beyond that the most vigorous among us this pandemic is going after the elderly now we're starting to see shifts in those numbers and that's another watch out here is a tendency to say well it's it's it's going to be centered among those who are seven years old and older maybe not especially here's your point you in that second wave we also are remembered that viruses can mutate we aren't saying that to a great degree thus far but unfortunately it's early days so as I said before we are to be thinking wait past whenever we re open the U. S. economy and re open the global economy we'll be taking stock piles of medical supplies of training programs for personnel to deal with this our ability to put up makeshift raft that hospitals how we can surge capacity because if there is a second wave we have to be prepared for change on us if we're not prepared that second time around particularly looking back at Spanish influenza L. add role Arthur Herman wrote a book called freedom's forge on how FDR turned the American economy into the arsenal of democracy and and there was a piece by are there in the Wall Street journal this week into turning it into American into the world's medicine cabinet I want to focus on two things for you one short term the department of defense is about to receive ten billion dollars in plus up who should control where that goes there will be direction I'm seeing the bill yet I just know the numbers ten billion how should the Pentagon follow that money number two as you put on your geo political hack the world is going to change dramatic it's gonna shift on its axis we could have revolution in places like Iran and Venezuela destabilizing levels of death and illness and leadership changes how would you prepare the chain of command and the people have to watch the world for this so short term what's D. O. D. do with this much money suddenly longer term who ought to be thinking they don't have any any Marshall right now we need one Andy Marshall for those who aren't familiar with him was one of the great thinkers of our time is spent five decades in the Pentagon looking broadly strategically and making the right choices for the country he saw for example the rise of China well before anybody else did let's let's think tactically about how to spend that money I think it's a chunk of it needs to go into intelligence and our ability to see around the corners and you analyze the changes that are coming and that's everything from our satellite surveillance systems to our ability to follow you dance on the ground humanity if you will human intelligence secondly I think there will be a premium on on me and vehicles coming out of the other side of this thing this what this event is gonna make us even less enthusiastic if you will about large hoop deployments and of course one of the ironies in this U. S. Spanish influenza came out of the deployment of US troops despite the fact it's called Spanish influenza should be called the D. O. D. the ones that came out of US troop deployments and then also that would be second I think unmanned vehicles and thirdly I think special forces are always a good place to invest and you're in uncertain times because they're so flexible and can be moved and in so many different ways and forcefully on the space cyber and cyber security there's a kind of if you will second wave coming here which will be the vulnerability of our systems to cyber because we have taken the eye off that ball to put it appropriately on Spanish influenza in terms of that second question in globally how does this start to shake out I think one big muscle movement will be if China really comes roaring out of this thing I have a turn the corner and can avoid that second wave China will burnish its credentials when it goes to a part of the world to say look at apps aren't your cherry and capitalist model is Abu really good one look how quickly we were able to marshal resources to use authoritarianism to turn a corner quickly on this it'll become a major talking point for China we are not watching that we need to have counters to that hopefully to our own confidence and then the other one to watch just this morning Q. India India one point three billion people packed in just announced a twenty one day shut down in their country that's where I would be very concerned about radicalization in those elements we could talk about Pakistan Venezuela there under a terrible situations developing but I've watched from China your rise in India to come into some danger is there some folks but my worry is that Iran under extraordinary pressure from a death toll will rise I will divert attention via aggression don't come back that I want you to drill down and roll if you will there are five thousand families and mine is among them with the crew mate on the teddy Roosevelt worker three cases of covered and there will be other ships with code and I want you to put on your old ship driver hat what would your advice be to anyone with a ship at sea I'm sure the idea of sending out ranger guidance but what would your advice be to any driver of a ship where they've got sailors of any rank down with with the code it yeah speaking of that sailing enterprise when I was the commander of enterprise carrier strike group that was was deployed in that beautiful carrier just decommissioned about a year ago and we had a terrible flu epidemic going around that ship it was stomach flu which is a pretty horrible thing on a ship as you can imagine probably a virus similar to those which go around on cruise ships occasionally and so point one tactical you do all the exact same thing he would do on a cruise ship or any other close quarters endless hand washing wiping down the good news is you've got a lot of people to go out and do that the bad news is you pointed out already people are just packed into these spaces in her listeners who are label lists like you and I picture your kitchen with fifteen people living in it that's a a Berwick's if you well let's see where we were are listed folks are people aren't in luxurious separated statement so tactically you've got to do all of the things that are done on a cruise ship and secondly for the commanding officer of teddy Roosevelt and I'm sure he's all over it as she is you've got to be informing people about what's going on the uncertainty is maybe the worst thing good news said he got not only internal accounting systems but television throughout the ship you can go on set up from your own broadcast studio I would suspect that kind of coded nineteen briefings that we're all getting used to with the vice president Tony crouching and Deborah breasts and others you're seeing those done on roads now probably every day by the captain by the admiral is here she is and bark telling the story keeping the crew settled doing all of those kinds of strategic and morale things you have to put that alongside the tactical I think here as well but my last question at all I there this week I've been pushing the idea of beat the bug bonds because I know in World War one in World War two we finance the war by selling bonds it at seventy five percent of par value and engaged citizens something to do when they don't have a ventilator to donate when they can't care for an emergency room patients when they can't visit the other they couldn't they can dig into their savings thing would work an extra hour and buy a bond what what do you think of bringing back that those campaigns from those days I love the idea and I am not riding this one out down in Florida because we have eighty something parents who live nearby so I'm here with my wife and on the wall my my small office here Q. is there a signed letter from white Eisenhower president Eisenhower when he was general Eisenhower and he was a young girl wrote he said president Eisenhower what should I do I've saved up twenty five dollars shall I buy a bond or shall I buy a bicycle and president Eisenhower then general Eisenhower said up by that bond there's always time divided by a little chill there not only show yeah it's a wonderful letter I'll send you a copy of it and it is a great idea in my view because and let's close on this you we are all in this together wherever you are the political spectrum we are all in this together I'm not James Stavridis retired United States Navy thank you I'd love to pick up a copy of that letter by the bond you can always get the bicycle later wow that's exactly right and and that's by the way when America is done before and we're gonna turn from the partisan wrangling now to going forward and fast and I think New York will be the subject of that of my attention neck New York is in big trouble friends big trouble don't leave New York if you have left New York you must self quarantine you realize that ice line which is done the most expensive study half of the people in Iceland with the virus do not present symptoms half so you might feel great but you're not great quarantine if you left if you know escape from New York stuff stay home now let me turn to the sponsor of this segment really factor dot com thirty this time and I take it and then the other don't wait thirty as well as lukewarm copy and there we go all right four years tell you I take it every day because I walk as many days as I can I was walking around the block again and again and again last night could empty streets I wait till they're empty and walk walk walk walk walk around the day walk on Friday going to try and figure out how to zoom into a Bible study this morning but whatever you're doing it's new and use new muscle groups and I'm gonna be sore really factor support the temporary relief of the minor aches and.

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