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And there's usually about one special agent frederic two or three national parks yosemite house a couple of special agents assigned just to go somebody but normally it's one or two privy national park and they're like the detectives and they follow up on cases and i explained with the national park system had done to me in obstructing us getting data and information and and i asked him i said can you give me any insight as to why this is going on in the car looked at me did in the eye and he goes well dave i'm a retired special agent spent thirty years with the park service and i know exactly what's going on it's called a lack of integrity and certain people in the national park service police in europe administration have a complete lack of integrity and they won't do the right thing and he says it's been that way for many years and whole probably be that way for many more and this is not an indictment of the national park rangers that the public sees every day you know they're they're great people they're doing god's work out there this select group at the higher echelon that are making these decisions and making these policies and when i talk to this retired special agent we talked for a long time and it was enlightening because it was his perspective being that insider but this is really what's going on and then he pointed us to a web a couple of websites that were uh maintained by other park rangers that talked about the discrimination that was going on to them their inability to get reports when they file freedom of information act reports.

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