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Who'd been walking her dog. Bob brought Jamie to the customer caucus home and called the cops after being found. Jamie said she described from the home of Jake Thomas Paterson where she he'd been where she'd been held for eighty eight days. Eight days the fa- failed marine. Former cheese factory worker allegedly killed Jamie's parents of the reward money half came from the FBI the other half from Jennie O Turkey factory where causes parents had worked. Authorities are still checking on what to do with the cash. Many people still agree with a green with the cosmic caucuses. She saved herself give it to her many people say, absolutely, right. Weather traffic. It's all related today. So mostly lost such front valleys. Just rain. Just wet got a lot of snow up in the mountains could get another six inches. There were two to three feet overnight last night snowbird thirty five inches Brighton. Thirty two solitude thirty one Snowbasin twenty four lots of snow, but that is affecting your traffic this morning, including front runner front runners having some issues expect delays of about twenty minutes. Southbound from Lehigh Provo delays about twenty minutes northbound from Lehigh to Salt Lake central also UTA buses, there are a few places. I saw in particular bountiful where they're having trouble getting up into the benches up there. So if you use the bus system is part of your commute in the morning, probably want to go to the website or Twitter feed, and they can help you out with that still closed Provo canyon still closed little Cottonwood canyon that should be open at about ten AM..

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