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You ROY ROY checking, in you know I'll tell you, what ROY really, has the, thought there which is To run that by your financial adviser what do you think of these? Books you think as you read these books commonsense on vitual funds by John Bogle that's going to get their. Attention that's going to get their attention soon as you mentioned John Bogel We call. Him Saint John around here Random walk down Wall Street is an absolute academic classic by Burton Malki against the gods. By Peter Bernstein. And the losers game, they Charlie LSI I met Charlie Ellison Princeton University, at a seminar back in the day and while Wow what a, brilliant individual and Charlie has been a multiple time. Guest on our broadcast that's a fantastic call ROY in ROY we thank you for sharing very very much our toll free line if you'd. Like to join. Us and you know, I'd like your comments on any of those books. Books really She's the any of the books, on the recommended reading list I'd like your comments for sure But those four Thomas Edison mutual funds random walk against the gods, losers game, absolutely, fantastic books, Dave is, on the. Line listening to the great kiss EPA radio San Francisco David. Your turn hurry long-term no talk Hey you know hearing yesterday, that the was it apple reached a trillion, dollars I'm just, wondering the, expression hyperinflation, wheelbarrows full of money to get a. Loaf of bread. It really seems like the sky's the limit for some of these, stocks but, it's, not reaching, down to. The bottom What do you mean it's not reaching down. To the, bottom well I a couple of, years ago people were demanding a fifteen, dollars an hour minimum wage so now of the valuation of some of these stocks have just taken off and it. The average person, is still waiting for that fifteen dollars an hour to. Kick, in you, know if if the prices of. Goods whether it's healthcare or. Refrigerator or Christ a hamburger was twelve bucks three years ago down here near the financial. District now at seventeen bucks for a hamburger so you know the average, person can't deal with that sort of thing So what is your point David You're trying to you're trying to link the valuation of, of apple to the minimum wage and I. Don't get your point at all Let's see you're a money show right Money talk yes okay tell the average person if an average person in Oklahoma was, live listening to your show right now are you telling me that there's no, correlation between of the little guy getting you, know if. A waitress is right now Stuck in the agriculture all minimum wage, of. Three. Dollars and eighty cents an hour plus tips and I think Trump just made it easier for employers, to steal those tips and the stock market on the other hand is allowing, corporations to be valued at a trillion dollars And a year saying, that there's no correlation between that I'm asking, you what is the correlation between what investors are willing. To pay for a share of apple stock which is how you get the valuation of the company. You multiply the price of the stock times the number of shares outstanding and that's how you get the market. Capitalization which now has exceeded one? Trillion, dollars for that company those are statistical facts based on the earnings power and the potential that investors see at the company I'm asking you how you are connecting that. To what states or the federal government established as the minimum wage what is the connection between that well there might be called what's called the prevailing wage in a given area Is is. The average person going to be able to keep up with what the inflation rate. Of stocks is going? To or on the other hand if there is no correlation then why should we Klay why should we listen to the Trump bites when they claim that it's a booming economy. When the average person is not gaining and only the stock market is gaining if there's no correlation and that, means that there is no reality in in either sense. Well your point is interesting in the sense that it gets at something, I opened the program with with reference to, the employment situation where we had another good number and. With especially with reference to the fact and this is where I think it fits your point we..

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