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It's great to have you all here. One of the places that I like consistently and I'll tell you, it just barely barely squeaked by today, but you know everything else was down big time. Gold managed to just break even on the day for a lot of the day it was actually up because people look to something like gold as a way to hedge out some of these concerns. It traded at $1784 and ten cents per ounce, so down just a penny, just a penny, you know, these are times when I like having gold in my portfolio. In fact, it's one of the things that I said to myself earlier today. By the way, I should also point out I went in and I bought the broad indices today because again, I look for these opportunities. I'm a big believer in dollar cost averaging into the market, but then when you see things go really south, you know, that's when if you can manage it and you know that you're anytime that you're investing, it is a gamble and you can't time the market. It's why I like dollar cost averaging. Nonetheless, you want to be there on days when everybody else doesn't. As long as you're holding for the long term, I think that that's a smart play. So I went in and got some of the rod indices pre on previous days when gold has struggled. Those have been moments for me to go into the gold market, but today it managed to do just fine because everybody was looking for some kind of safe haven and safe havens are important when things that help balance everything out. It's the reason why I like having and I don't have a full 5% of gold in my portfolio. But I do recommend that. And I'm working towards that. But it's expensive. It's $1800 or so an ounce right now. 1784. Today I was telling people to buy it last summer, of course, so you would have done very well on that. And if you do want to buy gold or if you want to have an IRA that's backed by gold, I recommend you call my Friends over at legacy precious metals. I put their name on the screen for you. Legacy p.m. investments dot com is their website and their phone number is one 8 6 6 5 8 9 zero 5 6 zero one 8 6 6 5 8 9 zero 5 6 zero because it'll just help. It'll help believe me even out some of these fluctuations in the market. It helps you in terms of being able to anticipate and mitigate the inflation that will be coming our way still. I mean still. And again, I think you need to put everything into perspective today because look, it's not easy to see our investments going down like that. Texas, hello, Texas. I see someone giving a shout out from Texas, great to have you here, Joe. Joe wonderful to have you watching. It's good to have everybody here today. And it's kind of fun doing this kind of fun doing this live thing for a change here on YouTube. But again, if you haven't, do do me the favor of going to Apple iTunes or Spotify and download the full version of this podcast. It's really, really important to me that you do, as well. Trish Intel dot com. That's my website. If you guys haven't been there, you've got to go check it out. Trish Intel dot com. We'll get all the news and information that you need to know about politics, the economy, markets as well. All right there, you can sign up for my newsletter. We even have a store, the Trish Regan store, Trish Regan dot store, which you should check out because there's lots.

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