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Ephemeral as that's what it is to actually have it in your hand well i mean something that survives right ties someone made the decision that they should be there should be preserved right well i'm sure they're plenty of them out there but it's just interesting that things could go viral back then even through a hard work not hard work but you know you didn't have to click something you had record and a dear friend label it and then they would pass it around and that's like this guy did see these only for him or dizzy post these things were others or is it right when he started i mean there was no there is really no sharing either except for in his circle of friends i think he has a number of recor collector friends and things have you gotten him about purse yeah oh yeah so you guys were like pals well i yeah yeah i'd say so a a you know we a i've only ever worked together we don't go out together he but he he heard your show i imagine oh yeah we've done two episodes together so he gave me permission basically carte blanche use whatever you want like send me a link about like the here yeah i don't think he had any idea of like it's this sort of the larger scheme of the whole thing right right a and then a we didn't episode together 'em you've heard that one yeah with the marrow go morlin tae yet a which is a i don't wanna say too much about it but it's a it's a little bit of an epic yeah it unfold over the course of a number of years he found a mysterious unlabeled acetate which is home record it yeah seventy eight a real thick record's yeah yeah a a an and try to figure out who's on it for years and years and years amazing i finally did yeah and it's a happy ending and it's kind of sad it's a great episode but you also kinda branch out it's not like 'em 'cause i wasn't even sure what the show is gonna be after the pilot like i love what i'm hearing like what's next but you branch out and other things you tell the story in one episode of the call you're brothers 'em who a josh and i talked about and stuff you should know at some point oh my gosh i can't believe i didn't look that up sometimes i sort of put horse blinders on when oh i mean i don't matter at yeah it was it was interesting 'em or maybe it was a video we did i don't remember but we covered him at some point it might have been the hoarding episode actually now that i think about it appropriately enough yeah but you.

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