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On the table here. Let me just toss. One more thing in front of us all the American Civil Liberties union of Kansas. The Kansas is asking for a state investigation of the police in this little town of tone, Tongan Oxy. It's about thirty miles west of Kansas City. Fellow by the name of crawl Robinson. Bought a house in Tun get acsi, and he was moving into his house when the target Oxy police pulled up pulled guns on him and said, what are you doing? This guy was moving into his house. Oh, did I point out? He was black. Surprise surprise. As Gomer used to say Lisa in San Francisco. He Lisa, what's on your mind. Come time. Impact you in a long time. Julio or Nikki Haley have seen where to invade next. I'm guessing not I'm guessing too because you're talking about Michael Moore's brilliant documentary. Right. Course, they'd probably say it was fake. Yeah. Those people look awfully happy in that as the talian at the very beginning. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And even the Norwegians with jails, I mean, you know, it's just it was incredible. Right. And and their health care all this thing. We don't have time to be happy. I mean, people are struggling everybody's working too hard. And every time you turn on the news copter shooting people, we have the most guns in the world. How happy can you be people are angry on the extreme opposite of happy? And I would say that that that you know, to the extent that that some people voted for Trump not for the racist element of it. And and I think there were some, you know, it's probably not them. It's clearly not the majority, but the people who were not voted for Trump because of race or voting for Trump because they want to change because they were seriously pissed off at the way things are going. Well, I think they're still pissed off. Yeah. Tonight. Yeah, you're right. I'm going to say undecided graph. I think I would vote for seeing them. It seems like out of sight out of mind kind of thing. People. I don't know. Instead, I stepped out for a few minutes. I don't know if I missed it. But yeah, seems like. Pay more attention. Everybody is kind of going on with their lives and people are dying every day. And maybe like when the hostages were.

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