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A news talk seven ten knu as joined by michael brune senior political analyst at the washington examiner michael a little bit ago just before we brought john i was talking about tax reform and now i believe the republicans really do have a high mountain to climb when it comes to tax reform particularly given the state and local tax deduction and making the math add up even now it looks like they may overcome this budget hurdle over they still have some things to work out in the house of representatives presuming they do get over this hurdle for sure with definitive ignace or whatever the proper word is what is your assessment of the prospects for broad based tax reform as opposed to just tinkering with things i think the prospect is is pretty good i mean one of the issues fifth gert substantive issues that republicans will face arm is so whether or not you're gonna follow through on the plants that have been released i believe by white house ways and means chairman kevin brady and the trump administration which is to get rid of or limit the there are cracks you've extra for state local taxes um this is something that basically subsidised youth of basic benefit the people who have an economic position of donald trump attacked greater uh of great uh of high income in a state that have high marginal tax rate close speak like new york new jersey canary pill cal orange be heavily a narrow also states you may notice which have some severe fiscal problems and so forth also hit heavily will be the public employees union speakers basically this means more money out of pocket for taxpayers who have economic goosen similar d president trump and so um i think this is a progressive measure it basically fares were going to crack a bunch of high income people higher uh here's good political effects of the fact that they got through the.

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