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So one of the cool things at text us is that we have an integration into slack called donut and what it does every month is it will randomly pair you with someone within the companies that way you get to know someone new. . So as the listeners are familiar with I've only been a text us for about ten weeks at this point, , but my first doughnut matchup was Jason and you know in our short time together. . I've learned that Jason is actually quite fearless, , which is something that I have personally struggled with as a being a developer. . I have experience in hosting. . I've seen databases get dropped. . I've seen assets, , get whites. . I've seen all kinds of things happen and the thing about Jason is that he's actually quite flea fearless and the things that he does and I think it's a really valuable lesson to share. . So Jason, , where did you develop this philosophy from? ? I think it's Mostly gained through experience <hes>. . Being at a bunch of small startups, , teach you that like you get exposure to a lot of different parts of the system and so for me early on in my career I was really scared. . I was scared of breaking production like everybody else's but <hes> I realize over time like there's only a few things that like are really scary to break like you don't want to drop your database or lose data and everything else can be fixed like and usually pretty quickly, , and we do that all the time and we call the bugs. . and. So . <hes>, , just kind of came to the realization that like. . Oh I can. . I can break, , but I also fix it and so if I understand really well how it runs in production and how I can get my code out to production quickly then I can fix it and there's nothing to be scared of. . I can say that I have enough experience with rails now that I can remember win in rails five I think it was that they announced the ability will actually the feature that if you try to run your test suite against production, they , would stop you because usually that involves a database cleaner of some sort where you could wipe out all your production data prior to that there was absolutely nothing stopping you from just hooking up production to your test suite. . So I think we've seen a lot of tools come along they really try to nudge us in the right direction because the I think you'll agree with this we just have a lot going on and it's so easy to make mistakes. . Right and that's why I think a good understanding of how all the parts of your production system wire together and what things effect what is like a great Piece of knowledge to have to to feel like you can change stuff without breaking it. . Absolutely.

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