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You listen to podcasts. Bobby showdown over to eddie who is filling in for lunchbox minnesota copies patrol in the night right. Then he sees a car roll through. A red light is i. Let me pull this guy over. He sees it. There's two people in the car and as he's pulling them over the lights are on he sees a little switcheroo happened in. The driver is slowed down. But he's trying to get the passenger seat and the other person's trying to get in the driver's seat This is they're trying to do the old switcheroo not a bad idea of they're drunk right so it'd be drunk for the record at messaging me. So he pulls it. Looks like all right you to get out of the car. The girl the one driving now breathalyzer ken. she's drawn to so they're both drunk and they both get busted for. Dui nobody got hurt. And why would they switch. If the other one had been drinking. No idea i guess. The girl drunk like drunk. Because that's what he's point is not a bad idea when you're drinking like you do stupid stuff when you're drinking. Unfortunately they were just behind the wheel to people to my house. yesterday i was ordering. Some uber eats postmates. One of the two and two people had pulled up. And i swear to you. One of them was eating my food. Oh no either. They were eating some of my food when they pulled up and they're eating some other food when they pulled up either way. It did not look good because as pulling into the drive the like. Reach down to get my foot. It looked like they were eating my food. That's messed up. You should not eat anything when someone's right because looks like giving food. Yeah but you know. If if i accept we potato fries and what's better to eat this week with rise you don't even notice they're gone exactly. I have already come to terms. With the fact of i order anything that is involving french fries. They're eating one. All i know is when i look this lady in the i who was riding passenger. Who handed food look a lot like the eyes of someone who had just eaten potato fries. Look guilty all someone on your face. Right eddie story story though. Funny story that your boneheads story today i show tonight. So if you're round lafi to watch it starts at eight o'clock you can go to my my twitter and you can actually find the link to go watch on twitter. If you don't have twitching there are many ways to watch it. But dustin lynch coming by he's gonna play cup songs live in the room Trs coming by. We've had on the show before so she's gonna play a tell jokes. It's the whole thing if you had nothing to do. Better than eighty percent of the tv shows out. they're not better the balance but other than that. It's pretty solid so you guys can watch that tonight. So i'm doing that. I have some some shooting at the grand ole opry doing today to work out at one thirty. My my trainer guy is. He's extremely intense. Kevin clue yeah. Yeah i've seen him. And i see his truck everywhere he's like. I saw this morning my friend until until it starts. But we're not friends during the workout. Oh yeah he's too intensely yellow but he's like a on rest over now like well. We're cracking jokes five minutes ago remember. We're good time talking about live. It's hard but my day. Today is pretty full but happy. That that's the case amy. What's up with you today. I'll probably work out my own trainer so you know ago as go with the flow. Take a few phone calls wishing cracks jokes on my own. I have also have the podcast interview and then therapy. So that's many eddie. What's up with you buddy. I'm not working out. And then i have a. I got a wedding. No i know. I know and i guess slowly somehow. Get ready for this thing. No but parker mccullum is coming in around noon when students in video here. So that'd be kinda cool. I've said it many times about parker mccullum didn't think i'd like him. This young has everything always wished. I had bears. But i love him. Yeah times meet him hanging out with them like dang more and more. Yeah yeah. He's great news. Well well well we in today's show by everybody bones calling on my mom is out there. Are you looking for a summer of fun. Well i'm here to tell you that chucky cheese is the best place to play this summer. They're welcoming families back with an all new summer fun pass starting at only thirty nine ninety nine each pass offers weekly game play and e tickets and some other great perks as well. So learn more on their website in store or in the chucky cheese app limited time and participating locations only terms and conditions. Apply see website for details. This miami's own dj f. n. co host of the drink champs podcast on the black effect podcast network and iheartradio every week. Norian i sit down with the most legendary artists producers an icon in the music industry and the culture at large. 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