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You? Glad you're with us. Hi, Sean. Thank you. I wanted to chime in on earlier conversation regarding the pipeline being cut off. I think it's totally wrong. How biting went about just cutting off tens of thousands of jobs to people that providing great services to us. Why didn't he first have a plan in place? And figure out what positions we're going to be filled how to train these guys to fill the positions. And give them an opportunity to get trained in the new positions while still working and still having an income and then at the appropriate time, switch over from the old technology to the new technology, New way of doing things. Meanwhile, we got lots of people in harm's way On top of all the stresses related or not, that would be the appropriate order of things, wouldn't it? That would be that would be the common sensical way, you know. Oh, no. No. Well, we'll just go get another union job. What do you mean, Go get another high paying union job when you have specialized skills. You think these are professionals, Thies people that have developed specific skills for for for decades. And they just paid your pink slip. Hopefully, get another job later. Wow. Thanks, Tom. Jerry, Maryland. Hi. How are you? So and I wanted to talk about the keystone workers. I believe that on Saturday may 1st may 1st being the day of internationally the day of the worker there should be peaceful demonstrations. Peaceful demonstrations in Washington, D. C. Off the keystone workers all union members. They should get there in the spirit of the organization put together in Martin's working in 1963. And for the Lincoln Memorial. All these years have come forward. Still these city and show the pain destruction being caused by pulling this permit. It's unconscionable 11,000 workers with families, husbands, wives and Children, no paychecks. Worst time of the year. It's It's an outrage, and I really think It should be done before May 1st, but any time to organize it's a Saturday, But these these are That the thousands that lost their job and then then the Leonardo do crap EOS and Scarlett Jo Hanson's of the world the mandate We closed the Dakota pipeline that's easy for them to say. But he's a real jobs. Real family's real people, fellow Americans and their their dismissive, close this close this stop this. Stop that. It impacts directly people's ability. And this is my 20 years. You know, doing real work of my life, right? And it impacts directly their ability to put food on the table, a roof over their.

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