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Especially in circles down south in mexico when they talk about mls marketing. How well they do things. How much of a spectacle or. I should say yes it can be. Mls cup all that stuff. What make his doesn't do. So now you have a chance to participate. And i actually think some of these players. Somebody's fans are really going to like what they see and they're gonna start adopting some of these things fair enough. That's all star skills challenge then set for august twenty four. Let's running back picking a major league soccer. we're gonna give you the top five goals of the season. So far herk. We start with fanin game winner against the vancouver whitecaps for the los angeles galaxy. Okay production. let's see what you guys have a good goal. That's a good goal. You know what makes this a good goal. Watch the touch and then the sentence finish. It's a quick half step when he touches it same but finishes off left foot right into the top corner. It's a very good finish simple math here. Ninety plus the cincinnati defense walls four. Yeah but takes him for a ride. I mean orlando's got disneyworld. I don't know if that rides in disney. Look one spin them to spend again. Oh my goodness number. Seven for nashville because That hurts cincinnati. You can't even get the teams. I suspect i'm sorry. Noni all over the highlights this season. We saw his personal top five on the last episode of football. America's number. three jacob ghazni's philadelphia union. Can you hit a ball better. Why is this. What is the production doing. How was this number one. Nine number one. If there are two goals that are better than jacob blessedness in the ninety third minute a thirty five forty yard bomb on chirp got beneath the crossbar in. Pick it out of your net practices on. If they're better goals in this. I quit about braggers. Was your boy. What happened shots number. Two joel paolo seattle against minnesota united. Okay this is a good goal but it's not number two. It's a good piece of technique is not number two. I love what. But i see lehto gel. Follow for the seattle sounders. Who by the way rack minnesota. This just gave him the business good goal. But it's not better jacob blessedness. This might make you so happy right. Seattle goal that comes against minnesota. And your boy adrian. He just the perfect combination number one rubio rabin of our s. l. You've seen this before the bike. How is this okay. The producers that show squint glenn at hearts. There should be no reason number one. How is quinn sullivan was his bike. Not in the top by. What are what's going on. Everybody's scores goals against san jose. Rubio is really going to be number one quinn sullivan di digit journeyman. Big did you dirty. You're scoring bikes. Seventeen years of age and political mobile being in this came up but throw in so rubio rabin our number one goal of the.

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