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So France, I want you now. To listen in on the conversation I had with Becky Thompson, I know you're really going to enjoy it. We'll Becky Thomson. Thank you so much for joining me on my podcast. Thank you so much for having me. It's such an honor to be here and to speak to your listeners. Well, you know, I love talking to busy moms, horror sort of feeling like my life is out of control. It's crazy, how am I doing this? But it's also fun and particularly moms like you who are still in the throes of having relatively young kids. And you know, and I'm one of his older moms. My kids are grown and I have grandkids now, and I hear you talk about the ages of your kids and my heart goes all. And yet I realized that you're going, oh, you know, and everybody says it does go facet. Does you were a very busy lady? You're an author, your mom, you have a podcast, you have a very busy man. Ministry, website, blog, you sort of you give moms a lot of encouragement and a lot of inspiration. But specifically what I'd like to start off talking with is a little bit about your story and why you do what you do and how you got into this crazy life of writing and blogging, and speaking to mothers. Well, thank you so much for the opportunity to share that story. I think it's always important to not just see people where they are now, but here their heart of how they got there. And and so for me, I ended up in my husband's small town in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. And this was a surprise plot twists to my life because I wanted marrying a pastor and traveling the world that was by had envisioned. But I ended up. Helping run. The family company was an oilfield pipeline construction company. So helping my husband with his very busy job really isolated from the life that I had before we moved there and I had to very small children Where'd you grow up? I actually grew up in Oklahoma City which is not a huge metropolis, but it is a city and I had a community there, and I had people that I knew there and friends and other family. And so moving to this very small town in north west Oklahoma, which we always joke the n. w. in northwest should just be nowhere, you know, should stand for nowhere. You know, it was just it was just a shock. It was a culture shock, but it felt very isolating. And motherhood can feel very isolating anyway. And so I was out there doing thing raising these kids wondering secretly under the surface. If I had married the wrong guy, could've I had if I had ended up here on some plan b and had detoured from God's plan for my life. I had all these underlying fears that I didn't want to ever give voice to because you know what did that say about my relationship with my husband or the Lord or my reality? Well, which by the way, I think the majority of women in the first couple years, have the sense what have I done, but we don't want to say anything I did now. I- vocalized it to my husband's like, okay, thank you very much. You know, I got married in med school and I ended up in a small town living in a place. I never thought I would live, but I, I want to encourage mothers and women out there who've been married for a couple years. We're thinking, what in the world, if I'd done hang on, there was a reason you married him and there's a reason and it's so so don't just throw him away because you had these thoughts. I didn't interrupt you Becky, but I really wanted to have a lot of the women out there. It's pretty normal feeling so go on and the truth is we don't talk about it..

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