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Congress to provide a trillion dollars in covert relief funds to cities and pounds. That was the point of discussion during an event held in Lawrence. Earlier after this earlier this afternoon, the mayor says that when the first round of the leaf came in, people used it to go and buy milk. It's not like before people would take their money and hide it in their mattresses. I don't need their pillows or coffee jars. People are taking that money and they're going to pay rent with it. They're going to go out and buy food with it. They're gonna pay their You know, tuition for school. They're gonna put gas in their cars and pay the car payment. Senator and Marquis was also at the event and spoke about the ongoing battle over the next covert relief bill. Thus far, Mitch McConnell has refused to allow a vote. On the floor of the of the United States Senate so that we can pass that legislation and move it on to President Trump's desk. If you kick Donald Trump. And Mitch McConnell in the heart. You will break your toe. They don't care about cities like Lars. Lawrence has the highest unemployment rate in Massachusetts since the start of the pandemic at 21 to 23% on update on a story in Sudbury, where a crowded party attended by Lincoln Sudbury, Regional High students forced that school fully remote for the start of the school year. Sudbury police now say the family who hosted the party may be facing charges when police broke it up. Some students ran into the woods or gave phony names, meaning police couldn't fully identify who attended the party. Artie and Health officials made the call for school to be remote for two weeks. Sudbury police chief Scott Nick's now says police are assessing appropriate charges against the teen who hosted the party and the parents who own the House on the Sunday talk shows national leaders paying a tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and readying for the political showdown over her nomination ahead. Ginsburg was appointed in 1993 former president Bill Clinton said he knew right away. She was the woman for the job conversation of a lifetime, whether or not I knew after we talked for 10 minutes that I should've pointer President Trump announced last night that he intends to nominate a replacement this upcoming week or this week, rather and also that he intends to make his nominee a woman. It is 3 33. We go to traffic and weather together. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on threes. But David's Droney thanks Medicine's starting down the Caveman Cape Highway Route six. Westbound, Still about five miles worth of heavy volume from after Exit three did sag more 28 North bound, heavy approaching the born rotary Route six A sandwich road there, seeing some heavy Liza's well For 95 North bound to hit over two miles. Extra vine between route 44 20 foreign middle Borrow on for 95 cell found W B Z phone force reports hay in the center lane by King Street in Franklin Going Back south. The town Expressways Cell found slows Furnace Brook Parkway through the split expressway. Northman. You slow from the gas tank to Columbia Road again from right through the O'Neill through three South bound that is now clear Braintree to the cave through three North slows about three miles from afterward. 53 a passenger be lower end of 93 1 28. So routes 24 95 to 1. Rhode Island, David said Ronnie the BBC's traffic on the freeze in the four day forecast AC You whether hysteric wit says it's going to be a clear and chilly night tonight down to 46 downtown 40.

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