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In Pennsylvania, but he also pulled ahead in Georgia, leading by a very narrow margin just 900 plus votes in this southern state. The Trump campaign just came out with a new statement minutes ago, saying this election isn't over Quoting here. The false projection of job on and as the winner is based on results in four states that are far from Final important to note here. Fact checking devil ZBZ nor any other major news outlet has called this race for Biden period. And the Trump campaign also says that Georgia is headed for a recount. Now that may well be true, because under the state's law, a candidate can request a recount if the margin is less than 0.5% and right now. It is well within the threshold for a recount. So that seems like a reasonable reality. We'll have a lot more coming up at the bottom of the hour with another special report from ABC News on the election of 2020. That is one for the history books. An investigation is underway after a vote counting side in Philadelphia faces a potential threat. ABC is Mark Malard with Maura Adelphia Police investigating an alleged plot to attack the city's convention center, where votes from Philadelphia County are being tabulated. Police reportedly got a tip that a group was driving up from Virginia in a Hummer to unleash an attack. ABC News affiliate W. P. V. I reports one person has been taken into custody, but it's not clear how he may be connected to the investigation. Police say they've recovered a weapon and located what they believe is the Hummer mentioned in the tip. Marker. Malard ABC News Philadelphia In Springfield, a retired police officer, is now charged with attempted murder. In an attack on a current officer there. This story from Devil BBC's John Bay Back officers responding to a disturbance call where they found Leon Moultrie. He was on the force for 32 years he became combative was actually taste once by police. But he pulled the prongs out. And then he went after police with a hammer, striking one of them in the head. That officer being treated for severe but not life threatening injuries. Moultrie was taste a second time and then apprehended. He was sent to Bridgewater for an evaluation. Police Commissioner Cheryl Clap, Rude says. It's another example of why you always have to send a police officer to a mental health or site call. It is flat out dangerous. Nothing from the arraignment session yet. In the Springfield bureau. John Bay Back W busy Boston's news radio. The Massachusetts Cove in 19 Command center, sent out a message last night. A lot of them and definitely busy Drew Mohammed reports. They could be classified as simple reminders. They reminded people of the new measures announced by Governor Charlie Baker this week, the text messages designed to land around dinnertime 5 P.m. in early dinner, I guess the alert also part of a broader campaign's a high risk communities to remind residents that the pandemic is not Over it reached some 4.5 million phone lines, including cell and land lines. I gotta text my wife got a call. Interestingly enough.

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