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You see a lot of common characteristics ambition drive work ethic what are some of the characteristics that would make an ideal franchise owner for oxy freshwater the type of characteristics where it's like a really good fit where where it's a really good fit yeah and i get this question a lot what's your ideal candidate and i think we're a little bit different oxy fresh because of that flexibility and ownership but you're exactly right you know you could have all the resources in the world but if you don't have the drive to be better than you're competing with it doesn't matter if you're not using those resources to set yourself apart from the competition than just don't buy the franchise right because that's never gonna fix it self that you issue not a franchise issue so for passion not about carpet about yourself and growth and being successful understanding that change will happen right be open to change that's one of the biggest factors for us is when we went from paper mail to online that was a hard transition right but the the franchisees that sought gone on board they are so much further ahead of others that really held up because they understood change they understand that that will always happen so be open to change and in the last one really is for that franchisee who wants to get out there's a reason that you got out of what you're doing there's a reason you got into the franchise never forget that and when you don't and you understand there's a goal and there's there's a drive you get where you want to be that'll never happen by playing golf at nine am monday through friday right you got to put the effort and you gotta get out there and work you gotta be able to to work with the people around you one of the best things about hockey fresh is that we have protected territories you're not competing with your.

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