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This seems like a self problem, and it's just a a video sheen on bittorrent which is existed forever. So. Surprised that led to this much discussion. We were talking which may recording about how sometimes don't expect a lot of discussion on certain things, and sometimes you get a lot. So yeah, but that means apes. I'm facto is interesting q. It's interesting I do think is interesting because it's pointless. It's a good idea. I see the point of it does have value. I, I'll give you that. That's all. I want you to hear yoga. Is it may or is it? It is me. Given russell. Qingping in in python is stepping down from being pythons benevolent dictator for life because apparently the arguments getting little to heat it. This was announced, what was it a week? A couple of weeks. It was twelve. So we're going to touch on this week. We work in a record last week, but schedules became a little bit complicated because Germany were off on so we didn't get to it. But I think it's still important. An interesting. Now you're the resident python expert here. Aquarius. What do you think about this? I'm I, he started. He's he posts transfer of power now heaters, talking about cut of stepping down all stepping aware for quite a while now by not nothing. Yeah. This is give the impression that was a budget really big argument city stormed out. Kind of. He's to follow pep five seventy two. I'm sure John. Oh, you didn't. Did you language. Nah, specifically called it out in the Email, which think it was kind of a little guess. So actually quote the thing. So he started off his transfer of power at he said, now the five seventy two ease darn. I don't ever want to have to fight so hard for pet and find so many people despise me decisions. And to be honest with the pets, five seventy two is a pretty obscure language tweak to python assignment expressions, right expressions. Yeah. So boy with data, but this any of massively world-shaking thing changes a few bits about how some extra feature to the language, but it's not that big a deal, but it's become the world's largest bike shed. I can tell backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards. People arguing in intemperate, sort of y. And it's one of those things that you had people who have either leave this to be the case someone standing up against it was saying as wanna go to fight and everything. And I think he was kind of, I don't like making decisions and having a whole bunch of people hate me for it by not interested in doing that. And to be honest with you, this surprised me because he's python them by some communities tend to be low but much as our loved python debates is appropriate. We like you should people who religiously floss everyday. Thing for people who say, all proper swear words, the big huge. I've never, I personally kind of. Fascinated by the whole python ick way where there's really only one recommended way to do things. I think yard of this is that the first language I learned I was paid to be a Perl program for multiple years where there's eleven thousand ways to every single thing. So the panic way intrigues me. I don't know how you enforce that without a Bedia fell. So it's going to be interesting. There's quite a few python language features that were kind of blocked on. We do not wanting them from pattern, matching inland exception to path inclusions in the built and processes..

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