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Brewers are postseason bound as they clinch 1/4 straight tribute to the playoffs. They beat the Cubs yesterday. 64 combined that with losses by the Padres and the Reds and the Brewers do clinch at least a playoff berth. The magic number to win the division sitting at three So they can do that as soon as Monday. In fact, they choose not to celebrate after the game because they want to celebrate After winning the NL Central many Pina has a huge game of for the Brewers. He hits two home runs after the game, manager Craig Counsell said that really after a tough start to the season for Pena, he's put together a really nice offensive year. That's why we play the whole season because Manny is not struggling lately. That's so He's put together really nice season. The power that is shown as been impactful. The runs he's driven in have been impactful is turning in his best offensive season. Really, It's not Done with batting average, but it's been done with power and home runs and driving in runs. So he's having a really good offensive season and tonight was kind of kept it off. Really second home run puts the Brewers ahead for good. And he says Hitting a home run to clinch a playoff berth is certainly a career highlight. Maybe that wouldn't be in the top of my list. That's great win. Today. I make the play off one more time for in the role. It's amazing man is great in this group is is his best. Brewers and Cubs wrap up the series at this afternoon as Milwaukee will look for 1/12 straight win against Chicago, Eric Lower on the mound one 11th pitch. Our coverage is set to begin at 12 o'clock, with Brewer's warm up one of their game of note Yesterday. The Cardinals defeat the Padres, 32 and all of a sudden, ST Louis has a two game lead for the second wild card. In the National League Packers won't play until Monday night when they match up against the Detroit Lions as they will get to play at home in front of a full house for the first time in a while, they did not get to do that at all. Last year, head coach Matt LaFleur says the team is ready for that opportunity. That's exciting. I think our guys will be we will feel that energy will feel that enthusiasm. And so I'd ask our fans to be extremely loud. When we're on defense games inside the division today, the Bears match up against the Bengals while the Vikings they are going to take on the Cardinals Badgers football off this weekend they get ready for a matchup against Notre Dame in Chicago at Soldier Field Coming up next Saturday, ESPN announcing that college game day will be in Chicago for that game. Matt Polly Wtmj Sports Thanks a lot, man. So we get a way to put on the old green and Gold jersey till tomorrow. Alright. 9 1971 degrees at WTMJ Bob Bucher is headed to another post season.

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