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It's the dust bunnies. Metro Prentice on the lung doesn't run along. The hopes. Then back waxing appointment. He's calling. Well, right now your question, you know, how it works. You give us the topics events. We questions so much hair. Do you question? The Coahuila got lucky if you didn't think the raptors would be that good after getting Leonard, you're wrong. They're five. No, why with some rust on them has still been playing great and last night against the Timberwolves. He proved he has co is in the back of his head. These backdoor cuts. They usually get you. But not if you do that not knowing where the ball is just diving to the floor, not looking his defensive instincts are ridiculous. This team looks phenomenal early on. And this was the team that you figured sort of get it together a lot now that guy still great almost like a combination hockey play soccer player. I'll tell you what he has you hands. And if anybody was going to be a good trade think about it. They traded the Marta Rosena Geck, Hawaii, Leonard and lebrons is out of the conference to Wayne case he should have called and said, I want my old job back better job. Now, you know, what was most I may seem part of that video he smiled where show it to me. Where's that left? You do. I can't even do it. Do you question if metal should be Smythe enough, these the rockets are one in three nobody really notices that Frank. But it's all okay. Because Carmelo had a good game yesterday here he was and he gets really aggressive when he goes and gets rebounds. Who says that every time I don't know who he's telling to get the bleep out of there. I don't know if the opponents or as teammates. But if you're going to do that unless he was talking to the ball. What's he talking to the ball here that does that count as a rebound and a turnover Carmelo actually might take that? Now, I understand how it works. Carmelo has to get blamed for everything, but they did loosen two worlds and opening night. Anthony Davis was standing. Donovan Mitchell was great Chris Paul suspended. James harden got hurt in the game. Don't blame Carmelo for everything. I'm going to stick up for my guy. Leave him alone. That's funny. That's essentially, then about today's show, you know. Selling every day. This your Joe. Mike nearly served four. I'm sure a lot of people are going to find out right now that Marco Belen Elliot's no longer seventy six he is with the Spurs and this one in his game against the Pacers yesterday. He's throwing alleyoop here. Splat bad has happened. Why times in the league? But it never gets old and Margot bell Nellie being the shooter that he is. Of course, put so much touch on that thing that it rolled around and went, oh, he's great Italian. That's what he does shoot. All it goes hand doesn't pass pet shoot. You know, what he said that that plane loops? Out here. The the dead. Do you question sweater is half accounted for these this is Franks happy place? It soccer all normally we just make fun of it. Here we go to war as taking a free kick against interim allows Joe. He does. I like that. You probably. They jumped goes low to block it. Didn't even see that. From the other angle that is genius. That is why Leonard like defensive instincts. They're not looking sliding on the ground that do something. And it's progress when Luis Suarez plays into talian, and it doesn't bite one of them. That's actually good to soccer jokes. You wouldn't need that gun of defense. If you had these guy had goal..

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