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It's a major component, of course, Dallas Marble story in and she wrote about this just before her death but her exploits. In World War Two and as her biographer, it's been something of a challenge I understand and you've written to confirm the things. She rating kind of reminds me of The Chuck Barris book the late Chuck Barris who wrote the book where he said he was a CIA agent but of course, they disavowed any knowledge It. It's not a similar situation with Alice marble. Yeah, you know if a writer this book, I had to insert myself sort of an amateur detective much more than twenty when it I wrote it because. So much of what she wrote about in this case, we're talking about saying that she was an ally age were to who sent on assignment to reconnect with a former lover who is a Swiss banker turned launderer Nazi Golden, ill-gotten booty and then wound up fleeing from him and shot in. The back by Russian double agent is just this incredible story that you know at the end of the day. I. Just enough of Padma flaws ability to be true. But most of the facts are either disapproval or not be able to be proven by the surviving record, which is unfortunate and you know I I had to put up my my Sherlock Holmes hat there your stalker and figure out what exactly was true. What wasn't true? What was maybe? Walk a thin line between you know sort of wanting to you know shine a light on this incredible woman in and give all her plaudits, their their proper do, and also you want to separate the fact from the fiction not just repeat what maybe embellished in her. Memoir, which is written very late in her life and and really part of sort of Here's what I did and I shouldn't be forgotten kind of and days with our remember she didn't make much money in her life and she kind of lived on the on the margins really for the last couple of decades of her life and she always liked to put on a show and give the reader or the fan what they want it, and I think that extended to her memoir and in many ways, it's so interesting though Robert, because here's someone who had a life of such remarkable achievement..

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