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Agents the average time for identification after remains are received in the epa laboratory is reported by an internal analysis to be eleven years. The preponderance of the evidence indicates that private robert joseph griffin was killed after reaching shore on tara was red beach to all the facts seem to indicate that he was not killed in water and his remains were not washed out to sea in fact private griffin was obviously identified. His wounds were noted in almost all of his official records even though he was relatively new to his unit therefore is highly likely that private griffin was given a burial on the island perhaps in a hastily dug grave by his company mate while still under fire if private robert joseph griffin is not one of the possible matches to the unknowns listed in iron investigation or one of the recent recovery from tarawa that. Dpa has not yet been able to identify. It is likely that he lies today. In an undiscovered grave on tarawa. If that's the case it may be a long long time before at least one hometown. Hero makes his way back to the louisiana swamps. Thank you for listening to this episode of no home for hero. We hope you enjoyed today's production. And we invite you to check out our other episodes on apple podcast tune in radio podcast or blueberry or hey wish whichever platform you.

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