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And for a minute on just anxiety understanding that you could be treating as a sokaiya tryst were apparent could be dealing with a child who has anxiety plus something or just straight anxiety so just for a minute let's backup and deal with shell staying zaidi have you seen a rise or a fall of the prevalence of anxiety over the past twenty years 'cause yuban at this a long time now i have and i would say absolutely arise and that's true of all of the major neuropsychiatric issues but anxiety definitely i'm and in general probably a 20 to 30 percent of kids at some point in time would meet criteria for having a diagnosis openings id this order twenty or thirty percent of all kids not just kids to come in your practice exactly and that in know reflects in some really striking an information that you know i've talked with a lot of primary care practitioners about which is you know when you're seeing a kid in your practice at least about twenty percent of the time when they're coming in for something could be a sore throat could be a stomach ache could be something different either their chief complaint relates to that anxiety or anxiety affects their presentation let me cite attack for two seconds are we as primary care providers picking up on that in general i think it depends on the primary care provider no i think i've had the pleasure i know of working with you with lonski us together over the years and i i think you're a little bit like me a little bit of a dinosaur in you i'm work on helping the time yet to really get to know families and i think the likelihood of your picking up on that is much much higher than unfortunately some of the new providers who either by managed care or other factors of.

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