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Came on as he wants to do and he mentioned something about. I was actually in the bathroom when this happened so lake. I don't know you can stop me from telling the story wrong. Is something about him. His mother needing a wheelchair basically. Yeah because they want to go on a vacation she just in general she needs a wheelchair to get around down. It seems like she's been fighting at first sight like is going to be wheelchair duty. Twenty four seven. He's pushing carts a he's pushing. Yeah yeah it all leads up to this But now You tell story So so long story short. We we should help you. Raise that money and then Stephen the san francisco treat fucking jumped into action and got rampant. wake set up with the venom. Oh so this is our call for everyone listening if you can if you feel yourself able to throw the man a couple bucks He's vinho is ryan minus ours are at ryan yet. Dash van wyk no space dash for his little picture and bed. Mo is like a quote that i had like a socrates quote or something. i don't know not very well thought out but The men has given you hours upon hours of quality entertainment. And i hope we pay it back so everyone listening to the sound of my voice ryan van wyk three bucks five bucks ten bucks. Whatever you got floating around. I know hill. appreciate it. appreciate it and you'll do good deed for the day. Exactly he's already made a bunch of money he has yeah stone gonna them. He's feeling really good about himself and everything's Seems to be working out. He was buying some items. They also wants to get a tripod so that he'll be able to take clear steady videos. I hope not. I saw that and i was like i mean. Don't miss ryan maybe it's just for his onlyfans. The real money is charlie chaplin shaving his moustache all the sudden. This might be my fault though. Because i told his mother she should just drive around and narrate her drives and says these ideas got conglomerate into one now so now i don't understand i don't understand what they're doing but either way renwick needs cash so Drop them some cash. Let's get a steady flow of sweet cashiers as a petri on that. I don't think anybody donates to as we could do that But ryan's brought such joy a lot of it at his expense so it behooves us. I gave them money. I gave in. I gave already You know behooves us to give them at least twenty bucks all of us. If you're reading this you can donate twenty dollars. That's what i used to tell people. Forget as good and it's a fundraiser. And they were here. Actually if you're hearing this if you have the free time to listen to us talk to us fucking do podcast arrowsmith you. You're you're you. Can you can throw him. Come on man so i was on I was not working today for a little bit. And i was sick instead. I was instead looking at a youtube. Why not know what i mean and not that and i just i thought to myself of course thought to i was I love miserable coaches in the nfl. But they're so very few times that you hear a coach. That's pure misery and i found some examples of that now. This this is a a retrospective of miserable coaches from the eighties. Nineties today starting with jerry burns. Who was the coach of the minnesota vikings for one year in nineteen eighty nine and he had a really hard time and he sounds like he's having a really hard time with everybody and well. This is up there with tommy lasorda. Funny it's just it sounds like somebody's grandfather freaking out at a bar and he needs to get kicked out and well here. We go and Mary made a great play. Fake guy sounds a little A major back sounds like roger millar. Hell the game. I mean shit. Two thousand three bucks. Get more excitement than that Hell you and wrong operation right. Let me say as i'm an fucking job. Snooker will be offensive coach of fucking question about that. Looks like a fucking after a fucking game but we can't. We can't be responsible for the block and we can't be responsible for the fucking guys jumping off side. We can't be responsible for. We'll get down there and and and it was a dumb play by by anderson. I love i love anderson but it was a dumb fucking play was shoeless coming up. We were we had a fucking trap lake. More fucking comes off daddy schnauzers fall. We have another fucking trap play. Any picks up his fucking feet. He walks it. We got the fuck into passu. Ac two flat thrown law. That is your smokers fall down here we got. We got the second down. And and i held to fifteen hundred dollar. Watch and irwin Jumped off side. Dogs written all along a little tanks working at him to stop them. What i love about that is that he's this is the second game of the season already. Lasted like a crack forming four headed. I looked it up. Yeah he lasted less than a year less at eight games a name that he mentions no. Ac yeah all right. So everybody knows what mike ditka is. This is a very depressed. Mike ditka Making a very sad. I mean very uncharacteristically. Sad sounding mike ditka after a brutal loss when he coached the saints in the nineties a brutal loss. To the falcons answer whatever questions that have just your thoughts about the battery popped up. All an apparent would've quite good this team with today on. Did you feel quit but there. There's a lot. There's not very much talent on the offense now. I picked him play with him. I'm probably the wrong guy for this job. I'll say that well in somebody else. I don't know about yes i don't have anymore. No i wouldn't quit right now. I quit right. Eric candidly quit right. Now i have no. I don't have it anymore. They broke me down today. Miserable missouri shits misery. I love him. I'm going to say that at work. I don't have a people places for reasons and he probably put me here to be humbled by december..

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