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A stop a Ted gave losing straight Kyle Kuzma led the way they were 29. We came out with a sense of urgency tonight and I think it was a big time for us. We got them a little frustrated Yeah, what board had a 17 Boyd lead men's basketball Georgetown losing the Yukon Miami top Virginia. The orc pose says Carlos Correa is change his mind. He signed a 12 year deal with the mets. Now to the story of the Howard University men's soccer program, made it to the 1971 NCAA championship game, a tumultuous time in the civil rights era. And before the game in the locker room, a special visitor. Jesse Jackson, head coach Lincoln Phillips remembers. And he said, you know, you guys don't understand there's not just shocker. It's more than that. Oh, yes, Howard's NCAA Division I title game more than just a game. Your ratio representing the game, you are ambassadors and ambassadors must be at your desk, not often, but always. Wonderful ambassadors as we mentioned last half hour also serious students and champions. They won the 1971 NCAA championship game, but the title was stripped by the NCAA. But in the next half hour, a title no one could take away. More of my story also at WTO P dot com. From Salt Lake City, Dave Jetson of Ethiopia sports. 5 47 now in the nation's capital is struggling to contain a sharp increase in the number of teenagers shooting and killing other young people. An independent city agency in Washington D.C. published a gun violence reduction plan earlier this year, but it hasn't stopped the number of youth shootings from soaring. Now, after increasing public pressure, public safety officials say they are committed to moving the plan from theory to practice. One part of the plan involves providing services and attention to about 200 residents believed to be most at risk of committing or becoming victims of crime, but The Washington Post reports the program hasn't been effective. The post says city leaders, despite repeated efforts over months, appear unable to quiet the gunfire. Christopher Cruise CBS News Washington. Coming up after a traffic and weather, the top stories were following for you this hour, Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky is preparing to visit Washington today, he says he'll have a summit with President Biden and address Congress. A House committee has voted to release former president Donald Trump's tax returns, ending a years long legal and political battle. Two people were shot in northeast D.C. by someone who was posing as a police officer, wearing a fake, uniform, stay with double TOP for more on these top stories in just minutes. 5 48. And it's traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go check back in with Jack and the traffic center. Hi, Virginia state authorities dealing with detractor trailer wreck. It is on the beltway in tysons. On the inner loop, as you

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