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Radio one seven five gmailcom we have got coming up right after the break uh john pope who is the attorney for tommy ziglar and for those of you who don't know tommy ziglar is on death row as we speak uh basically convicted forty years ago of a murder that many people believe including people like philip finch who wrote a new york times bestseller about this case uh that many people believe that he did not come yet so uh we're going to talk to mr pope about where this case is i do know this tom zinc lower is reaching really the end of the line and i know that there are a lot of people around this comp of this country even some celebrities actually who believe that this guy is innocent and unless i heard even somebody like bianca jagger was was convinced that this was a miscarriage of justice and again there have been a number of books there's a website devoted to this well we're gonna talk to john pope and find out exactly where this case is john has been handling many of the appeals and many of the postconviction tasks for mr ziegler uh out of his new york city law firms so that's coming up right after the break we're going to reintroduce emails today we've got emails to get two and then we wanna do what get back into again the continued efforts to impeach donald trump and there are just so many things happening on this front the latest of course is discussions and talk that the whole thing with jeff sessions is something that come attacked a donald trump is demonstrating um mm that perhaps suggest his desire to you know further cover up or collude or um mm engage in obstruction of justice of the whole russian situation and it is amazing again just just how little you hear of the other side of this discussion and we're going to do that as we always do on this broadcast today because i believe that he has every right to expect his attorney general to do his job which i don't think he's doing right now and i agreed that that he should be taking him to task i wouldn't do it the way he's doing it but you know i'm not president either uh maybe if.

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