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Welcome to episode one hundred and seventy four of our podcast where we review the trans issues and instructional design educational technology and learning sciences. That we observe as we flip resources into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. We have four trends that we will discuss along with a recommended reading. That will share. That goes with each of the four trends. So abby start us off by talking about are four trends and sharing are recommended readings. Thank you him. Well for those of you who are regular listeners. heard Or at least heard episode one seventy three the most recent episode before this one. We're back to normal. We've we we've seem to have the similar number of articles flipped into the flipboard magazine as we have regularly in the past so we had that little dip About a month ago but we're back to sort of our regular amount. The media once again is paying attention to educational technology and instructional design the way they have traditionally so number one no surprise to anyone at this time of year the the tr- the top trending topic is hardware and software and we predicted it. We well in. It's pretty easy to protect your kids. I i was trying to pat ourselves on the back right. We did predict it. And we've been doing this awhile. We do this regularly but it is that time of year. It's that time of year and so we see first of all. We saw a number of apple product reviews and the release of big sur. We also saw specifically in article about apple's clips app which apparently is working exceptionally well for a number of people in terms of sharing a little mini screen casts back and forth as their teaching and and as they're learning apparently learners also send these clips To teachers to figure out what the next step is. We saw virtual math manipulatives. We saw a hoot purchase drops drops language app. I believe and they That's kind of a big deal because it solidifies cahoots coats already pretty solid but it brings this new extra utility into the Universe salesforce has been seriously discussing a purchasing slack. And that may happen sometime this week. Apparently it's pretty close to to to finish in terms of a deal but that's a big deal for both salesforce and slack are ludo is a gaming app for the natural sciences. That was also an article that we flipped in. There's a new robot tutor. It's kind of pricey. I mean we're talking about the whole model being somewhere around five hundred dollars and there are school models that are about one hundred dollars more and I'm not sure how. I feel about the fact that it's named a b. I which i think is pronounced abby. It has.

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