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Daltry i'll defend those guys all day long lamented what they do like these in my boys this guy i didn't we don't we don't you know we we don't disagree when we meet each other but you know he cost me my money and it is faulted m a meta million are now second directly way to that one that one instance when she has not the fighting but that's the way it goes what he did on saturday night i'm told okay with two frank trigg the referee would have stopped it may be a minute earlier but only because i knew the result already i can't honestly tell you what what i have done in that exact moment i knew that the what happened in the fight a ready when i'm watching the fight frank trigg the corner man would have possibly gone to the commission to have the fight stopped what about frank trigg the fighter although no keep defy go orders doing on oh yeah keep the fake news you see me fight like i just hate the dot comes in have stopped the woman stopped the fight nanga do you know zone a saudi or face your eyeballs literally in your air hole and you wanna continue this what your doctor certified but fighters adopt will continue to fight in the matter what that's why referees of their fighters safety that's where your corners are supposed to be better fighter safety supposed to be there for your fighter knowing your fighters in deep water and if you look and if your her quarter and forgive me i get the names confused if you're in her corner and you'd have an eight of fighter but you know she's finding girls our own four six in four eight eight and now she's up with up against this this incredible competitor in front of her and she was game for a little bit she bounced up f at the end of the first round like when the fight when the the first round was done sponsor backup turfing comes walk normally system goes look check my knee her course first responses don't worry about uni no no on man you gotta you gotta check the knee.

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