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Weren't covered intact medicine. I'm going to get more next on his forehead. You're my forehead. Done everything my legs my leg. My back bergamo backed on four done he can get from. What do you mean nothing. Because i got tattoos everywhere. You don't want that's enough for you. You don't need to know naked on that that's not really cover. My shoulders body wants to look stupid. Let him look stupid. Why can't goodbye de also at do because he said but you have to get it in color you can get a block. The white stand up fact car. I have my back done. Don't let you want to be know. Let me see what i do on the for the people that he used embarrassing wine. We're gonna tell them. Okay glenn look right now. We're into off the tattoos. Are you going to ask you the nothing your mother did nice work. You've gotta ruinous okay. Why why are you going to look so stupid. Beautiful all of red and body and everything. You look ridiculous when you at one eight soccer than just the distract terrible. Don't excavate one next on non try number. He's going to let them see. I swear on a split on. Let me get your face known any cats. We're if i don't open. What about the domenica novel. I don't want to walk you. That's all he tried aches when it got this. The i told not. Numerous people know beats pizza company. Cats love her birth. I can't wait to show the tooth. My favorite thing is is very. She's so angry and then some customers can buy because he's running the pizza place. He's like okay. Hi exactly how she said. Your mother mix mix you perfect and then you're stupid. We're gonna post this up on the bobby facebook so you can watch it. We got morons in the news coming up in the people's movie critic and a whole bunch more to kick off your weekend. It's bobby cherry. People pay attention. Because i did not want to have to fail. You cherry. Want you to help us salute deserving teachers five winners will receive a box of school supplies. Bob and sheri swag above sherry brandon visa gift card worth one hundred dollars and a one year stamps dot com subscription. Y- two hundred dollars for nap. Gold stars discounted usps ups. Postage away from your computer. It stamps dot com promo code sherry started four week. Twelve plus free postage digital scape. I have your attention. Jerry teacher appreciation contests ever your deserving teacher at bob and sheri dot com sign up for the newsletter with bob and sheri exclusive articles. Sign up now at bob and sheri dot com and read. It have pointed out what movies get wrong about real life. And i think the folks that were commenting on these things are spot on. There's a picture of harrison ford kissing. Carrie fisher and the comment is if a girl is arguing with you in real life and you kiss her to shut her up in real life she most likely will not appreciate it but of course at that moment in star wars you know she shuts up and all of a sudden starts falling in love with him right. I have to say that when the mad at kevin and he tries any of that. He's like make you to better mood. You're wrong and buddy. Don't say that don't use those words. Young professionals or college students living in huge fully furnished apartments in new york city. Yeah that does not happen at all and friends is. The obvious is the obvious Perpetrator of that. I think for most people. This one has always killed me. An everybody has seen these scenes thousand times. Five bad guys attack the good guy one at a time. Yes if if you've ever have you ever seen like some video somebody is taken of you know a fight outside of a bar if there's two or three guys against one guy you know. They might not all pound on him at the same time but they do like a hand off you know they don't just stand around waiting to see if there buddy is gonna be the victor you know. That just does not happen in real life. I have never been in a fistfight with five bond villains. But i've been in a room with five toddlers. There's no waiting turns to attack. It's always a swat. That's right in the movies. What was that would. They never turn the lights on. They just go and look in real life if your wife. Here's something like what was that. Go check put on. Every single light locked the bedroom door behind yourself as you're going out dial nine one one. That's never done in the movies. Never know when the girl who is the main protagonist does not like him back. The main protagonists bothers her stocks. Her for so long she finally falls in love with him. In real life she called the police or or will end very very badly right with the guy take no for an answer in real life attends to end very badly very badly in real life with any kind of trial scene. There is always a dramatic moment. Where one of the attorneys presents a witness or a piece of evidence that completely changes the course of the trial something that neither the judge or the opposing attorney knew about discovery deadline is something that you have to present. If you're a lawyer you've got to give a heads up to the court and to the opposing attorney but know that blue yes in my lifetime like crime procedural stuff so i watch a lot of that kind of entertainment a read a lot of those books in my lifetime. There has been one real life. Trial that act it like a movie trial. See if you can guess which one it was. I think i think it was. Oj putting on the trying to put on the glove the whole oj. Trial felt like a movie like did not feel like a courtroom from a movie. The grandstanding dream team attorneys the judge cowed at every. Turn the pricing steely eyed grimace of marcia clark that overly emotive drama king of the defendant. Oj simpson you. Tell me that didn't feel like something out of a movie or tv show. Who is the guy that was the surfer dude guy. That was living in the game. Kaelin right out of central casting. Was i know you know you don't hear anything about that dude anymore. Do you have to wonder. What is his lifelike. Like i know mark furman move to sandy point idaho and he does. He writes books and does various things and he was a notorious figure from that trial. So we know that he went on. Of course. robert kardashian passed away but left us with the kardashians.

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