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Jeez. The LA Rams improved to eleven in one. They clinched the NFC west division with the thirty two sixteen win over Detroit at Ford field and Ross the Rams have won consecutive division titles. The first time since nineteen seventy eight seventy nine while that's back when they had like, Jack young blood, and they were going to Super Bowls the thing that's impressive about this one to me Bri is they got off to a very sluggish start. I mean, they they hadn't played since that Monday night or against the chiefs, and they did not look good at all. I mean, Jared Goff was making mistakes or give alliance and credit there. But this is a poor performance by the Rams and they won by fourteen points on the road. That is impressive you perform you have a very rusty poor game. And you still win like that. So impressive. I mean, Erin. Donald never seemingly takes a week off. He's incredible. The lions to everything Adam tailored decker. Touchdown the onside kick me in the lines and everything they could. But it wasn't enough. And they still lose by two touchdowns to a Rams team. That has the best record in football. And they do not want to have to play in the Superdome in January. The cardinals won in Green Bay for the first time since nineteen forty nine when they were the Chicago cardinals. You talked about McCarthy being fired the final in this one twenty to seventeen. How about my guy? Chase edmunds. Now, I will say this chase. Chase is a rookie running back from Fordham, who's from here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the state capital where I reside. And love it by the way, he had two touchdowns yesterday which killed me chase because I'm trying to make sure I make the playoffs in the fantasy fees redraft league. And I have David Johnson. So I'm happy for chase Edmunds personally, but very angry because that might end up being the differentiator between me making the play offs and the feast redraft league or not which isn't good. But it is good for the cardinals that they have a nice one to punch with Edmunds and David Johnson, which really helps this was a Jain Norma's win for Steve Wilks Jain Norma's. I mean as bad as the raiders loss wasn't home. That's how big it is. For cardinals franchise. Is to win in lambofield against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers a very ineffective Aaron Rodgers. I might add. And maybe we need to talk a little bit more about him. And the fact that he's playing role in nobody ever wants to ever criticize Rogers. He's not playing merely well enough seventeen points against the cardinals at home over fifty passes. The only ran the ball eleven times they're trying to put on Aaron Rodgers shoulders, and frankly, he's not able to deliver. He's unable to make it happen. The other guy the other thing about the game. It was interesting is we talk about kickers Zane Gonzalez had a better game than Mason Crosby and that ended up being one of the major differences in the game. The Houston Texans defeated the Cleveland Browns twenty nine thirteen they have now won nine consecutive games. It's the longest active streak in the NFL. Texans. The first team in league history to win nine consecutive games. Immediately following an own three start to the season. So I was not expecting this. I really wasn't. I thought that the proun- had some momentum. I thought they'd come out fast Texans after Monday night game. That is not what happened. I mean. Baker Mayfield came out and had a rough rough start. And it's funny because the NFL has a way of humbling you pretty quickly and I said all week last week..

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