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Gears talk college football big games of the day, including the huge one between Alabama and LSU that is the game of the day live again. But that's the biggest one and Brian Fischer national college football writer at college football talk will join me in about fifteen twenty minutes. We'll talk with him a lot of action trade deadline day and leading up to the trade deadline. Last week. We talked about Amari Cooper being traded for a first round pick. I thought the Cowboys gave up too much. I do think Amari Cooper as airi'q said can help the Cowboys on think he'll be better there. I still would not have given first round pick. But what's done is done? They did get a player that could potentially be very productive. Did not love the Carlos Hyde. Trade liked it for the Browns didn't think it made much sense for the Jaguars as and then also as we li- apple and snacks Harrison traded to the saints and lions respectively, then this week on trade deadline day, you had five deals. You had alliance trait. Golden Tate to the eagles for third round pick the Marius Thomas from the Broncos to the Texans for a fourth round pick time on Gumri from the Packers. The ravens for seventh Dante Fowler from the Jaguars to the Rams for fifth and ha ha Clinton Dix from the Packers to the Redskins for a fourth. When you look at the wide receiver deals, I think they were both smart deals by the by both teams by all teams involved. At first glance. I thought maybe the Broncos could have gotten a little higher of a pick for the Marius Thomas. Who obviously is in decline, but I think is still solid. However, he does have a high contract next year. Get out of it. Listen, our problem Denver couldn't get more. I think is golden take that much better than to Marius Thomas this point because he is he's a free agent at the end of the year. You're not locked the money for next year. I saw some people criticizing Philadelphia giving up a third round pick for for golden Tate to me. That's I don't get that. It's a third round pick for a team that's going to finish. You know, you're talking about a pick between eighty five and ninety six. They're going to be. I mean, I know the eagles are five hundred right now. But they're probably going to go to the playoffs. I would think and if you're trying to win I'm never gonna cry like. I'm not gonna kill a team for trading draft pick when they're trying to win. They weren't happy with their wide. Receiving corps. Nelson. Aguilar has been a big disappointment. They're running game Zabid in a bit of a mess. And so they're like, well, we gotta get better wide receiver. Let's get better where we can they traded for golden taste good player. But I made a lot of sense the time. Montgomery trade is a minor deal that came about what happened last week. Obviously Montgomery should've taken a knee in the end zone. The reaction to it though was over the top fans behavior as usual was outrageous. People threatening him his kid is wife. I mean what the hell's wrong with people? You know, sometimes you folks, he gets so stupid on Twitter. It's anonymous people make threats I've been I've had a guy say, I hope I have a heart attack and die one one guy wants tweeted me because I I need to say it wasn't like I made a political comment which have from diamond time. But even that would be inexcusable wish somebody death because of political comment. But one time I picked the jets are going to get crushed. Remember, what was was years ago? I said jets can get smoked in this game. And somebody actually replied to me and said, I hope you have a heart attack and die think about that. A person wished me to have a heart attack and die because I picked his team to lose a football game. Think about the insanity. If you're one of these people, you're an idiot. Now, stop being an idiot and straighten up. It's never too late to turn it around. Turn your life around stop attacking people. Stop lying. Stopping a lunatic on Twitter. Behave like an adult all you out there. Opinion ridiculous. I liked. I liked the hawk Clinton Dix deal for the Redskins. You know, he's a solid player. I know they were looking to move on from him. I'm not exactly sure why. But you know, the Redskins upgraded defense that's played pretty well. Their third in the NFC in points allowed and the Rams who already have a good pass rush at another good pass rusher on the outside. You can never have never ever have enough. Good pass pass pass rushers again time. Montgomery. I don't know what he really does for Baltimore. But the other four deals thought good editions by teams that are trying to win. You know, the Redskins have been I asked Eric at home who's been the biggest surprise the over five hundred teams, and he really said he didn't think anywhere huge prize. And he referenced the Redskins a little bit. But to me. Of the teams that are over five hundred the Redskins are the biggest surprise it. Texans are a little bit. But it was it was always about staying healthy finally keeping guys healthy. And so they're having a better although they just lost will fuller for the season. So the ravens to are a little bit of a surprise, especially because they started. Oh in two. I'm sorry. Oh and three. They lost to the patriots fine. But then they lost to the titans. Who are and they lost to the giants who were stink. And now five weeks in a row they've beaten. Nobody great. Nobody terrible except for the Bill beat the colts to Cowboys the bills the Jags the dolphins and mostly with defense and three those five games. They only scored nineteen or twenty points. So, you know, and but but Washington to me though, is the biggest surprise I did not think Washington would be this good. And like Eric said, Alex Smith is even playing that. Well. But here they are they won. They won three in a row. They're only loss to the colts. And they got smoked in that game with the saints. But three wins in a row. They've beaten some good teams have been Green Bay. They're beating Carolina even Dallas is okay. And you know, they've done it. Thanks to an improved defense as I mentioned and a great play of Adrian Peterson. I'm it's it's it is beyond the mazing what he's done. He's on pace for like twelve hundred yards. And an almost ten touchdowns at whatever over all the is. When you look like he's been shot the last couple of years as thirty three years old at a running back. I mean, it's ridiculous Everton four point six yards per carry. Alex Smith is thrown eight touchdowns in seven games. He's not doing much. The average in two hundred twelve yards a game. They've done it. Thanks to the leading receivers three hundred yards. And nobody only one player has more than two receiving touchdowns. They've only scored fourteen touchdowns the Redskins on offense. But their defense has played really, well, it's kind of under the radar. Nobody's talking about the Redskins at all. Do more on that. We pick pick the games later in the show. Quick minute on on baseball here. As for a couple of minutes before we get to college football free agency has begun. Couple. Interesting moves yesterday Clayton Kershaw had two years and about seventy million roughly left on his deal. He could have opted out they came to an agreement where they turned to to your seventy million dollar deal to three year ninety three million dollar deal. I don't know if that's gonna age well for the dodgers Kershaw has been hurt a lot the last few years. He's still really good. But he's not the Super League pitcher was is velocity is trending in the wrong direction. I dodged may regret that in the next couple of certainly by the last year. We'll see. If I'm wrong, I'll be on freezing cold takes which is my favorite Twitter handle put her follow. I should say. Also, the cubs making an interesting move. They they pick up the option of Cole hamels and trade drew smiley to the Rangers. Now, people are assuming this lobbying written at the cubs will not be a big player in this off season. I'm not convinced. That's the case. We'll see. I do think the trading the money to kind of affect the payroll had more might have had as much to do with the fact that, you know, Cole hamels had an opt out if they had if they had declined his option. The Rangers would have had to pay the six million dollar buyout because they picked it up to pay the whole thing. So maybe they maybe it was more about saying the Rangers. Hey, if you don't take somebody else off our payroll, we're going to opt out you're gonna have to pay him that six million. Anyway, we'll give you a player. So we don't have to do it that way. So we'll see we'll save becomes don't spend any big money this off season. Well than those reports by BUSTER, only and others are true. But. I believe it when I see it. The NBA. I got nothing for you. Right in the NBA. Maybe. In fact, we have any NBA. In fact perfection. Yes. Anthony, we'll have sorry. So we'll we'll still have some NBA will hit on the NBA in fact fiction. That's coming up at eleven twenty eastern when I come back. We'll talk some college football a great slate this week in college football, led by the big huge games in the SEC. But especially Alabama LSU week number ten of college football starts in just over an hour..

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