Pennsylvania, Donald Trump, President Trump discussed on Morning Edition


To the tariffs that seriously if we're talking about president trump imposed them in part he says to protect american steel but we're going to visit a small town in western pennsylvania now that's worried about losing steel jobs several hundred people work for n l m k in feral pennsylvania this is a russian owns steel mill that uses russian steel and so it's being hit by a twenty five percent tariff this mill is an area that backed president trump and so it's fate really speaks to the complicated politics around the president's trade policies here's npr political correspondent osma collett dan moore is one of those guys who voted for president obama in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve but he became enamored with donald trump's promise to bring back jobs and renegotiate trade deals right now there's a pretty fair amount of uncertainty with the steel tariffs i meet more near the entrance to the nfl mk steel mill about an hour before he's got to get to work inside he's wearing a donald trump had souvenir he picked up the inauguration he gives the president in a plus on a lot of things but he's not so sure about tariffs curves are they may help some people are gonna hurt a lot of people to i don't know exactly how you balance that nlm cave where he works depends on steal from russia and it wants to import three million tons a year kind of like okay well we need terrorist but when it starts to impact the company where you work for now you're playing well wait a minute timeout let's take a closer look at this do you regret your vote.

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