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So then back at Dinner Deva's like ladies got two guests tests so she's giving them all little crystals and Kelly's like these rocks magical rocks do you guys have an altar alter and then Shannon of course totally loves all this you know I love Western medicine in if I can I can if I can heal myself homeopathic than I will. I will all see Dr Moon out. Sorry I got cops turns out. It was just Kelly hitting me with the Napkin Ya and the MOM's like well. You need to put these rocks on your altar. Girls girls have an altar sir you have altars right and it's like that pass. KRESA thought that China both timber probably has stalactites Acti- on her vagina so Kelly is She's one of the wellness retreat of biggest going. I don't want to see your face. Dorky fees yeah well you know in the moment Vicki's just reactive I mean she tends to go below the belt the moms like how why would you do that to get attention. She goes well. I think she's insecure here but I'm not a psychologist and Thomas said L. NFL At that did that other people don't now on the not that I not that bad and and she goes oh that's the guy that's the guy here it is. Ladies Ego might see right here. Rambo Tamra saying that Vicky was like Oh. I know something the about someone said that no one knows as if hammer doesn't pile on whole Mo Tamra the worst I mean how many times can I say at this point. I just have to just keep reading the lines and get through it because Tamra just never stops exactly so yeah so basically Shannon astounding well. I felt like my conversation with he was very encouraging very very encouraging. even though you know is this. Where is this Onuma like what happened? I was very encouraging and Kelly was like oh well so suddenly she doesn't want cruelty Joulwan cruelty ooh. I don't believe in general I may go the at the women's room and I hope that Miss Kelly Dodd changes her tune by the time I get back but even if she does it's also also be happy and Kelly's like little extra systems. Arizona Vicky needs so I'm GONNA go because I'm not going to let this watch bitch beat me okay so then Bronwyn starts talking about how he doesn't really like her very much and Timberlake yeah yeah just a nickname for you. Barring the barring out there Samra knots during a pot at all right yeah who does that. You would like who rats out there alleged friend light and it's just so obnoxious. Oh my God she's enchant comes back and say hi ladies. I'm selling the bathroom. Dr Deb is like Oh Tamra with just telling a great story about how Vicky calls my daughter Boring when I am I am. I am actually lived right now. That did not come up with that myself. Honestly I am livid well. I'm not boring. I'll tell you that and she goes you know what just come Kelly because she doesn't like me either so all deflect all the attention off you and I'll bring it has a great then next week we see Shannon with like a like a bowl on her head and then we we saw this preview that as you get like little bunk on it you know and I thought that was part of the healing process but then in the next week we see turmeric. I mean Shannon I had a a bowl and my head and Kelly hit the top of it like Oh my God. This show is so back. It's ridiculous look at well. That was a fun recap. Thanks everybody for being here. Go to watch what happens dot com to find olive our live to get lean and get this on demand. If you WANNA watch this and Stan thanks everybody who subscribes to.

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